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Friday, January 28, 2011

Where I Love to Run (A Pictorial–Mainly)

Today, “The Planner”, that’s me, had planned speed training.  The idea of speed training stressed me out so much that I said forget that.  Just run.  And that is what I did.  I went exploring.  Exploring with no time requirements, no route really planned, just a plan to run.  I wanted to check out some of my trails that I haven’t been to since Aliso Wood Canyons reopened.  A ranger told me that the trails had changed.  I wanted to see.

(My route:  I ran through Canyon Vistas park then took Wood Canyon Trail down and then ran every detour off of Wood Canyon:  Wood Cyn to Wood Creek to Wood Cyn to Coyote Run to Mathis Trail to Dripping Cave to Wood Cyn to Cave Rock Trail, ending with Wood Canyon.  Then I ran Wood Canyon Trail all the way back.)

Wood Creek Trail

Wood Creek has plenty of ups and downs, including two staircases.  I ran through several spider webs, and I didn’t care.  I used to let out a little scream when I ran through webs.  Oddly, I didn’t today.

Going up . . .


Going down – look closely and you can see a flight of stairs (railroad ties, I think)


Going back up on Wood Creek to the shadiest, thickest part.


California Wood Fern


California Maiden’s Hair Fern


Coyote Run Trail

With the bridge wiped out from the rains, I can get close and personal with the creek as I cross over to Coyote Run Trail


Self portrait on Coyote Run.  This part used to be dark and shady – still is somewhat, but a massive chunk of trees are gone in the background (left).


If you are familiar with Coyote Run Trail, you’ll notice something terribly different below.  I have a complete view of Wood Canyon Trail (across the creek and field).  Never before did I have such a view, because a wall of trees on both sides of the creek blocked it.


Mathis Trail

Trail washed out, as this once dry creek, flowed abundantly during the December rains.


Dripping Cave Trail

Crossing over from Mathis to Dripping Cave Trail, the bridge gone and trail washed out by another previously (& again now) dry creek.


My favorite part of Dripping Cave Trail – going up, but oh beautiful!


Dripping Cave (A.K.A. Robbers Cave).  I had planned to dangle my legs off the edge during this photo.  But as soon as I sat, the edge started falling away.


Bye-bye Dripping Cave.


Cave Rock Trail

Running up to “The” Rock – a magical trail with rocks looking like they were laid out especially for the runner.


Attempting to pose on Cave rock, but it’s too steep and I’m slipping down during photo.


Leaving Cave Rock, headed back onto Wood Canyon Trail.


Wood Canyon Trail

Running Wood Canyon Trail, close to noon, with the sun beating down.  Most of this trail is exposed.


Finally!  Glorious shade on Wood Canyon Trail.


The last of shade on Wood Canyon Trail, approaching Canyon Vistas Park for one last incline to the car.


Elevation Profile:My Activities aliso wood cyns 1-28-2011, Elevation - Distance

Miles logged:  7.91


  1. Aw, I'm glad you allowed yourself to just run - sounds like it's exactly what you needed.

    I love that shot of you at the Dripping Cave!

  2. I *guess* there were a few changes!

  3. Thanks Green Girl. I really love that picture too. I'm thinking of putting it on my website when I finally get it up and running.

  4. Thanks for reading Glenn. And now it's raining again. I suppose there will be more changes : ))

  5. Nice to see so many colours other than white. White is all I see here...but at least there are no bugs...
    Glad you just ran!

  6. So scenic! Nothing like that here in SC. Well you can find single-track in the woods but that's mostly hiking.

  7. Thanks Windnsnow! Yes, we've got some bugs. If I just stay out of the grass, I can usually avoid the ticks. I suppose even a tick here and there is worth it though. I would like to run in the snow once.

  8. Thanks for reading Lindsay. I feel very fortunate for having so many trails out my way to run. I mainly run the one in this blog though, because it's closest. It's a pretty small county park, but with lots of trails that if I wanted to I could eek out lots and lots of miles.