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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Aching to Run

I haven’t run since Friday!  And though my ankle still slightly aches, I ached more to run trails today.  Being the end of the school year, field-trips, open houses, play dates etc., life has been hectic – not to mention, tomorrow is my last day of school (work), and I’ve had seniors literally racing against the clock to graduate.  Two boys finished this evening who I thought weren’t going to pull it off.  I am so dang happy for them.

ANYWAY, in between all this, I finally fit in a short run today.  The weather was extremely overcast.  And I felt strong.  I guess a rest does me good.  I simply let my mind go and took it all in.  Today’s run cleansed me more than a run has in a long time.  When before I ran this morning I felt a little hopeless, afterward, I saw lots of opportunity and hope.

At the base of Cholla TrailCIMG0145

West Ridge Trail, which is the ridge that goes up to Top of the World has 3 off-shoots.  Two are not named, the last is Park Avenue Nature Trail.  I took all 3 for the elevation, though it shortened the mileage a bit on this out-and-back to Top of the World.  I love the difficulty, some of it technical, not to mention the single-track of these off-shoots (I think I made up that word – I also call them “C trails” because they’re kind of shaped like C’s, beginning and ending on West Ridge).

Running one of these “C Trails”CIMG0153

Snake FoodCIMG0154

Goofing off with a pose to show off Laguna Coast Wilderness Park across the canyonCIMG0158

Spring Bouquet along West RidgeCIMG0162

Miles logged this morning:  6.09

Elevation profile of today’s out-and-backMy Activities cyn vistas out and back w- c's 6-8-2011, Elevation - Distance

ps.  The RAT is back!  It’s been seen running around our backyard (in broad daylight) like he’s the new puppy.  I don’t go in the backyard anymore.


  1. Glad you are feeling better and just shows again how good it is for us to get out on the trails. It seems the rat was genuinely someone's pet before. Take care and happy running!

  2. I like your Vanna pose.
    I'm aching to run too...actually, I'm just aching. I found a freshly mowed meadow yesterday and ran barefoot for one minute - carefully avoiding the gopher holes (they are really Richardson's Ground squirrels). Physio and podiatrist said I should start over again.
    This will be fun for my Half Ironman run in early July!
    Good luck with the end of days...School here keeps going until June 28.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Johann. It's always a pleasure reading your comments. Trails definitely keep me sane. Sadly, hubby found the rat dead in the front yard. I couldn't bare to look at it. I felt badly.

    Hope you had a good weekend running.

  4. Thanks Windnsnow. I'm always trying to come up with new poses. So sorry to hear that you are still aching. Terrible news with a tri around the corner. But you still have lots of time! I will be rooting for you! A freshly mowed meadow is a good place to start. I wish I could offer advise on your ailment. the only thing that comes to mind at this late date is meditation. Give it a try. I know to some it sounds goofy. But meditation has helped many. (though i've never attempted a tri). Breathe deep until then PLEASE. You are the superior athlete compared to me. But perhaps these little tidbits can help. : ) Good luck!!

  5. Thanks Lauren! I have been meditating lately...I used to do it a lot more. I'm coming up with the same thoughts...Step back and heal (the heel) so I can race another day...I gain strength and resolve from mediation...then somebody jogs by and I lose it...This too shall pass-although it may, at first, feel like a kidney stone!