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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Face-to-face with a . . . RAT!

I didn’t run Saturday.  I’ve designated that day as a non-running day because I’m starting to hear things like “You’re never home,” which is odd, because I mainly run when no one is home.  Regardless, I decided Saturday is non-run day.  I brought our oldest to his martial arts lesson (he’s second degree black belt) and our middle son to his guitar lessons.  I spent A LOT of time at home.  I was only away at the gym for a little less than 2 hours during the early evening.  My little “accident” earlier in the day justified that, otherwise, I don’t think I would have been able to get away with it guilt-free. 

Here’s what happened.  I walked into the house from the back yard (the screen door, by the way, was wide open – a little pet peeve).  And what do I see?  A big, multi-colored RAT run from the back rooms into the living room.  (My Facebook friends might know this story, you can just humor me  -- same story I posted but more elaborated : ).

Well, I can come face-to-face with a bobcat or a rattler and I won’t scream.  I can fall flat on my face on rocky terrain and I won’t scream.  But when I saw this rat scuttle across my living room, I screamed. 

Hubby came running from the back office and he ran in to find the rat.  Broom in hand he finally located the creature hiding behind the couch.  As he tried to shoo it out the front door, I pulled a barstool from the kitchen and climbed up on it.  Stooping down on this bar stool, hubby swatted at the rat who came scrambling out into the living room floor (away from the front door).  I screamed again and bolted up.  Thing was, I had placed that dang bar stool in the door way.  Therefore, my head slammed into the top of the doorway.  Talk about a stunner!  I really didn’t know what hit me, and didn’t realize that the barstool fell beneath me either.  As I plummeted to the floor, all kinds of thoughts went through my mind.  Mainly, what was I going to break?  Hopefully, just an arm, because maybe I could still run. (LOL – yes, I guess I am a bit crazy)

I came crashing down on top of the barstool on the kitchen floor.  Hubby of  course LEFT THE RAT IN THE LIVING ROOM and ran to my aid.  My entire right side aching, I called out, “The rat, get the rat!”  But that dang man wouldn’t leave my side!!  I pretty much knew that nothing was broken (except maybe the barstool), so the panic of losing running was gone.  But hubby wouldn’t tend to the rat with me laying on the floor on top of the barstool.  So, I limped out the back door and went out the gate to drive off and pick up our son from music lessons.  By the time I returned, the rat had been swatted out the front door.

Apparently, that is according to Hubby, the rat was someone’s pet (because it was too clean and it was multi-colored).  I ask, do any of you have a pet rat?  If you do, please don’t lose it near my house : /

Anyway, the worst of my injuries is a swollen ankle. I ice it here and there.  There’s also a small cut and bruise on the swollen area.  

I was kind of a mess Sunday, so it’s a whole other story why I didn’t run when I left for errands, my car packed with running gear late afternoon, but it’s all inner-related.   

Not in the best of moods. : (  But I hope you all had good runs, or a good time with your family.  (On the good side, we had a delightful Friday night celebrating our oldest son’s birthday).


  1. Aaaah! I am so sorry, girl! I would have freaked out, too!

  2. I guess that's freaky ... I ran a 15k yesterday with a Rat in my gut!

    P.S. your husband is such gentleman

  3. Sorry for the meeting.
    I work in a port and we have a collection of rats of every size. Often they make the cross training: swimming and running.
    I hope that next time you meet a nicer "pet".

  4. Rats top my list of 'won't-deal-withs' as well. I'm sorry that your weekend didn't exactly turn out as planned. Hopefully you'll receive plenty of great runs this week as compensation!

  5. Rats FREAK me out!! Oh no. I love my hammie but wild rodents are terrifying! Glad you didn't break anything!! Happy birthday to the birthday son!! :D

  6. Oh man that sounds not so good. I hope you are feeling better already. I'm still recovering (mentally) from my Comrades fail but I've been running and that's great. I'm still trying to find the cause of my broken toe. Take care Lauren!

  7. Thanks Green Girl. But would you have placed a bar stool to stoop on just beneath the doorway? : ( I was kind of sad when my hubby found the rat dead out in the front yard yesterday.

  8. Andrew -- 15k with rat in gut, NOT GOOD! Hope you're doing better!

  9. Thanks Black Knight -- working in a port sounds very interesting. For some reason rats outside (or mice outside) don't freak me out as much as rats in the HOUSE! lol.

  10. Thanks Jessie -- I did have some good runs afterward, though my ankle still aches. I am fortunate I didn't injure myself more. : )

  11. Thanks Kate! My oldest is now 12 (yikes). I can't get over how much time flies (& I started late!)

  12. Johann, I am doing much better. And I wouldn't call it a Comrades "fail", even though you didn't finish. You COULDN'T finish. The thought that keeps crossing my mind is: did you kick a rock? You may have not even realized it at the time, but I think kicking a rock can definitely break those tiny bones in our toes.