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Saturday, June 25, 2011

So, so, so didn’t want to go!

Being that I will be travelling soon, I jumped out of bed at 6:00 AM, dug through my overfilled drawers for some running gear in a pitch black bedroom (we have “black-out” shades).  I ended up pulling out a tank that I never wear.  Then I sat on the couch and drank two cups of coffee, so much NOT wanting to the hit the trails this morning.  I just didn’t have the energy.  At the same time though, I knew this would probably be one of my last runs in California for a while.  And so I got into the truck at 6:45 AM and headed for Aliso/Wood Canyons.

The lot was full when I arrived, the street curb also filled with parked cars, all with adventurers unloading their mountain bikes. 


Fake smile before heading off onto Aliso Creek TrailCIMG0033

I really felt horrible to start.  Not sick, not necessarily sleepy, just tired.  But I kept on plugging away because I KNEW eventually, I would begin to feel better about this run and end up LOVING IT.  Really, I knew that.

Just before turning onto Meadows Trail four mountain bikers raced onto the trail.  I thought to myself, dang it – they’re probably gonna ride to the top and turn around to fly back down.  That meant I had to catch them!  Drag.

Entering Meadows TrailCIMG0037

The four bikers were long gone as I made my way on the rolling part of Meadows.  As I began the climb, I could see that they were a good half way up to the top.  Several other bikers made their way down Meadows at high speeds.  And that’s when I thought to myself, Sh*t!  I just remembered that last night as I lay down to sleep I had decided to go up Mathis instead of Meadows.  I know I sometimes say Mathis is harder.  And many times I’ve claimed that Meadows is the hardest way up.  To tell you the truth – it depends on my mood.  Meadows is a switchback, which I prefer mentally.  It is also mainly a single track, which I love.  But the grade is greater than Mathis and the climb is longer.  Mathis on the the other hand, obviously is shorter, and it levels off in places, and even has a few little downhills.  But it’s no single track and there’s no switchback about it.  Still about a quarter of the way up Meadows I wanted Mathis.

About here I began to feel better Smile (I came from left through Aliso Canyon).CIMG0039

About here, climbing even higher, I felt good!CIMG0040

I finally caught the bikers at the top of Meadows.  We all stopped at the kiosk to adjust, drink up etc.  I took those dang long sleeves off.  And eavesdropping on one of the bikers telling his friends of a trail he would take them on in Stockholm, I had to laugh to myself when he said the trail was “flat.”  I couldn’t help think of my running buddy (I won’t mention any names!) who brought me on many “flat” trails.  LOL.  I added my two cents to the bikers, “I wouldn’t trust the word ‘flat’, it’s more a relative word.”  They laughed.  One of them particularly nervously. 

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, finally feeling GREAT, despite the fact that it appears that Meadows chewed me up and spit me out.  Perhaps it did.  If so, that was just what I needed:CIMG0042

I am so glad that I made it out to run trails this morning.  Bunnies were out in abundance.  No snakes, though as soon as it warmed up, they probably devoured some of those cute bunnies. 

I ran all the way in feeling strong, and happily waved to the ranger I spoke with before taking off on my run this morning.  I think she’s beginning to recognize me. 

Miles Run this morning:  11.73


  1. as they say - you never regret going for a run! :) views like this, such a reward.

  2. Glad things turned around for you!

  3. These runs always end good. I had a hard run yesterday as well but felt better towards the end. I wanted to go but was just tired the first part. The view was worth it for me as well. Have good week!

  4. umm... am I the only one who thinks the person who left his tire leaning against someone's car is the idiot as opposed to the person who drove off? :)

  5. Love the sign...and love that you got it done even more!

  6. So, SO true, Lindsay. Thanks for reading!

  7. Thanks for stopping by Jessie. I only made it out there because I knew (or at least hoped that things would turn around for me : )

  8. Thanks Johann! Running is such a medicinal remedy for me. I am always confident if I can just get myself out the door, and push myself through the bad days for a couple miles, all will end well. And it did. : )

  9. Thanks for stopping by Jessica! I totally thought from the sign that the owner of the tire drove off and it dropped of his car. But now, I'm not sure. I was just amazed to see a "lost bike tire" note. It doesn't beat the "lost laptop computer" note that I once saw at this same park. How do you lose a laptop computer on the trails??? LOL. (Though I feel badly for the owner, I would cry if I lost my laptop).