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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Bright Idea

Today (Tuesday), I left California, and being that I’m not a big fan of flying, I’m always coming up with ideas to help me sleep during the flight.  My hope is that I will sleep the entire flight and wake up upon landing.  (ha, ha!).

So I stayed up way, way past my bedtime, a little past 11:30 pm, and I woke at 5:00 AM.  Then I went for a road run.  I didn’t have time to put in miles on the trail, otherwise, I surely would have been asleep on this flight instead of writing this blog.

I was on the road in my local resort town at 6:00 AM.  The skies were very cloudy and absolutely empty.  Even the harbor, except for the one jammed packed fishing boat was dead.  I think people are catching onto June Gloom – no rush getting to this resort town. 

Backyard photo as I lace up shoes:CIMG0071

Dana Point WharfCIMG0074


I didn’t put in many miles, thought that doesn’t mean I didn’t work up a sweat.  I remember when this exact route through the campgrounds, Doheny Beach and the wharf used to be my long run.

Though my lids are heavy, I still haven’t slept a wink on this flight.

Looking forward to some out of state running.

Miles run today: 5.77


  1. I *HAVE* fallen asleep before the plane took off, and woken upon landing.

    One Word: Xanax.

  2. Haha that sounds like my normal days sometimes and then I want to fall asleep at work in the afternoon. Last night I got to bed at 22:45 and my alarm went off at 3:30 for my run this morning. So far all good but I know later this afternoon they better keep me out of boring meetings. Have a good trip!

  3. LOL Bootchez. I was hoping the 2 glasses (or plastic cups) of wine would push me over the edge into sleep land on the flight. No such luck! I honestly think that someone could knock me in the head with a baseball bat before a flight, and I still wouldn't sleep.

  4. Johann, you need more sleep! I go to bed at 9:00/9:30 pm (21:00/21:30) and wake at 6 AM (0:6:00). I do this at doctor's commands. Sleep is when the body recovers. And I have a feeling you need to recover with the running that you do. I used to think that sleep was a TOTAL AND COMPLETE waste of time. Then my doctor gave me heck. I'm a believer in sleep now. I hope you have time at least to fit in afternoon naps. Please : ))