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Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Be

Thursday, I wasn’t up to running as planned.  I woke to run, then fell back asleep on the couch at 5AM.  When I woke at 7ish, I simply sat on the couch.  Well, I did sip my coffee.  The house was still sleeping, even our puppy was asleep.  So, I packed a gym bag and spent two hard hours at the gym.  I upped the resistance to 12 on the elliptical crossramp and pushed hard.  I upped all the weights one notch as well. 

Friday I woke a little sore and wondered why.  Then I fell back asleep on the couch at 5AM AGAIN.  When I woke at 8ish, only our middle son was awake.  I packed my hydration pack and with coffee in hand, drove off for Aliso/Wood Canyons. 

The skies were cloudy, the air misty in Wood Canyon.  As I set off running, I had two goals in mind.  They had nothing to do with pace or distance.  First, I’m continuing to work on form.  My running friend Tom B. (who I saw on the trails this morning) noticed on our last run in the Santa Ana Mountains that I had a bit of a heel strike on down hills.  I really wanted to concentrate on eliminating that heel strike.  My second goal sounds simple, but was really quite difficult – that is to JUST BE.  Enjoy the moment.  Observe my thoughts without judgment and focus on my body, what it felt like when the breeze hit, what it felt like to run up that strenuous Meadows Trail.  In other words, live in the moment, and enjoy the present.  Just be.

And that is what I did.  (But it was hard sometimes)

A little detour to Dripping Cave, one of My Happy Places Winking smile


Quick “breather” in Dripping Cave (AKA Robbers Cave)SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

At top of Meadows Trail, running ridge to enter Top of the WorldPhoto253

10.45 miles run today (16.82 km).  AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.  And I felt strong.  Finally. My route:  Wood Canyon, a bit of Dripping Cave, Cave Rock, back to Wood Canyon, Meadows, Top of the World, Park Ave. Nature Trail, West Ridge, Cholla. 

Elevation Profile:  +1749/1732’

My Activities Aliso Woods clockwise 9-2-2011, Elevation - Distance


  1. Beautiful pics! It has started to feel a little cooler.. I am so excited for Fall. :)

  2. Thanks Kate! I'm really looking forward to the fall too. : )