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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not Enough Speed to Lead : )

Friday, I finally got back to speed training.  Still working on short sessions, I actually stepped onto the dreaded treadmill.  The only reason I chose this option was that I didn’t have time to drive to my usual bluff trails.  I was already at the gym, and I had errands to run and chores to do before picking up the boys.  So, I did it.  I crossed the line and stepped up onto the dreadmill.

What an experience speed training was on the treadmill.  I set my bursts to a sub 8 minute pace (0:7:53) and boy oh boy – what a treat.  A treat to my confidence (I didn’t fly off the treadmill) and a treat to my sweat glands (LOL).  I felt a little sorry for the treadmillers on each side of me.  Sweat was flying.  And since I’m giving too much information anyway, my pants were actually falling down as I ran much, much faster than I normally run.  Thankfully, my underwear were the same color as my pants, so I doubt anyone noticed – that is until I noticed, pulled them up and tied them tighter.

This morning (Saturday) I lead the OCTR new member run at my favorite park.  As customary, the run was short.  The runners though were fast!  I guess that’s good for me because it again kept the pressure on to pick up my pace.

Me, Mike, Victoria, ChuckSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

The morning was cloudy and heavy with moisture -- what a lot of people call perfect running weather.  With my heat training, I’ve kind of grown accustomed to running in heat and don’t prefer this cool misty weather as much.  It was a fun run anyway.  Always great to meet new trail runners.  And it was also great to run with Victoria.  We’ve run together on several occasions, but it’s been a long, long time. 

Taking up the back (LOL), I “lead” this run down Wood Canyon and up into Wood Creek Trail.  Taking the lead, Chuck was kind enough to break through all the spider webs for us.  I usually run this tranquil trail alone and have to do that myself.  We didn’t see any coyotes on Coyote Run Trail, however plenty of mountain bikers rode the route.  We also saw several deer, both does and bucks on Wood Canyon Trail (our route back).


Running Wood Canyon Trail backSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


Miles run Friday:  2

Miles run Saturday:  4.5



  1. How do I get hooked up with OCTR? I belong to Trailheadz, but they have lost a little focus lately...

  2. Looked like a great run and lots of fun!...great pics..

  3. Hi Glenn. I see you got hooked up with OCTR. Their calendar hasn't been too busy either. But the group's FREE, and the people I've met are great. The activity seems to go through cycles. Right now it's kind of slow.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Ed! Glad you like the pics.