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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Fall Run

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           My husband dropped me off at my trails this morning.  The skies were cool, gray, beautiful.  On the way in, I struck up a  conversation with a guy who drove in with some co-workers (I think utility) to use the outhouses.  I laughed to myself, thinking, “got to be runners” on their off time.

This particular guy was friendly, his hair longish, his smile friendly.  I really looked at his face and realized that this was the man I used to see run the harbor when I first started running, before I even knew that trail running was a possibility.  He’d whiz through the area with seemingly little effort.  He was by far the fastest runner I’d ever seen.  His hair was very short back then, he also wore glasses.  We never spoke.  But after a local race, I memorized his bib number went home and found his name on the roster.  And then I researched him on the internet (because that’s what I do!  Warning : ) and learned he had an amazing running record – things like he ran a 5k in about fifteen minutes (at age 40), and that he was a marathon qualifier in the Olympic trials twice. 

Talking to this man for me was probably like talking to rock star for some.  Finally, I said, “Are you a runner?”  When he answered yes, I asked his name, to which he responded, Danny.  I had to stop myself from saying his last name before he did.  I didn’t want him to know that I knew all about him. (Why?  Because I kinda felt like a stalker, though I’m NOT Open-mouthed smile).  But I did tell him that I used to see him running the harbor all the time, that he was that “really, really fast guy.”  He smiled and said, “I’m not that fast anymore.”

I bet he’s still a heck of a lot faster than most.

So, I took off running my trails feeling extremely up.  Not a mile in on Aliso Creek Trail, I ran over a cemented portion (I believe there for flood control) and out of nowhere, I flew through the air and crashed to the ground, kind of skidding along due to my momentum.  I did not roll.  I just went thud, thud, thud.  This was a painful fall.  My first fear was that I broke some fingers because when my wrist hit, my fingers then slammed down and my body crashed past them, bending the pointer, middle and ring fingers more than they should bend.  After closer inspection, damages were minimal:  1 bruised shoulder, 1 scraped (soon to be swollen) knee, 2 bruised palms, 1 sore wrist, 4 or so small punctures to the hands and 3 very sore fingers.  (Seconds later, my doctor’s office called – a routine call, but isn’t that funny that I should get that call just then?)

I pretty much felt like crap and considered calling my husband to pick me up.  Then I said to myself NO.  I’m not going to let this stupid fall ruin my run.  And so I ran.  And I ran some more.  I ran for so long, that I finally had to just stop because I wanted hubby to pick me up before getting our boys from school.  Funny thing – I really didn’t even tire.  This was one of those odd runs.  The breeze blew cool, and I had all that I needed on my back.  I took another unmarked trail when I reached the top of Meadows.  I chatted with some hikers.  I ran past goats.  And I saw my “old” (actually very young) pals from the Conservation Corps again. 

Before my run ended however, I took another spill.  This fall was quite different than fall #1.  As I ran the leaf littered, forestry Wood Creek Trail looking for my deer (see prior blog, there’s a deer I’ve been trying to photograph) I went flying through the air once again. 

What the heck!  It’s funny though, if there is such a thing, this fall was a perfect fall (except for the rolling through poison oak bit).  I hit and rolled along that soft dirt, practically doing a somersault before bouncing back up.  There was no pain involved whatsoever.  The only damage was dirt head-to-toe.  (And so far, no poison oak, but I’ve always been very lucky with poison oak)

Some scenes from today’s absolutely thrilling and beautiful run:

Top of Meadows looking down at Aliso CanyonSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Running toward Top of the World from unmarked trail off of MeadowsSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Kicking back at one of my FAVORITE places:  Top of the WorldSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA




Dirt as my only damage on fall #2SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Conservation Corps on Coyote Run TrailSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Wood Creek flowing along Coyote Run TrailSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

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  1. Wow!! I am happy to hear you didn't hurt your self too badly although it sounds painful! I love those runs that seem effortless. Are those little goats?? Who owns them? When I ran there it didn't seem like farmland area - although what do I know I only have been there once. :)

    SO cool about meeting Danny. I totally understand having to sensor so you don't look like a stalker. I am really into the research of this other woman, when I met her at a conference I had to hold back a lot so I didn't come off sounding creepy. haha.

  2. Thanks for reading Kate. Those goats are only there occasionally. I think the owner leases the county land. On this day, I took a trail to the left at the top of Meadows and that's where I found the goats. I've also seen them to the right of Meadows on occasion.

    So you research people on the internet too? Funny. I thought I was the only one. Or the only one admitted it. LOL.

  3. I see they have the brush eradication project (goats) going again!. Great run - glad you came out relatively unscathed.

  4. Thanks Glenn. Yes, the goats are back!! They are so cute.