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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Easily Amused

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           Yes, I ran yesterday.  But that was a desperation run, a road run.  I’m not saying it wasn’t lovely.  It was.  But I am a trail runner.  Strange this happened.  But I am.  I like watching the beetles stick their heads in the dirt.  I like worrying about tics and snakes.  I like spotting deer and fretting over rocks rolling beneath my feet.  I love scraping against the foliage on single tracks.  I really love hearing the breeze blow through the trees.  I guess you can call me easily amused. 

This morning I delighted in contrasting colors:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I enjoyed meeting others who take in trails.  And was enthralled when I couldn’t see The Top of the World because it was too cloudy:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

A loved this little, baby snake:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Before taking off on my run this morning, I stopped by the ranger station toMile 1.5 running up Meadows find out more about a new trail opening up.  Turns out it comes off of Meadows Trail and is quite a climb.  The ranger said it’s a great hike.  One of the other county workers that I see often said that he didn’t know about running it.  “But then again,” he said, “You trail runners are crazy.  I see you guys running up Meadows like it’s nothing.  DON’T YOU EVER RUN OUT OF BREATH?”  Thrilled that he called me “crazy”, I chuckled (but I do prefer “psycho.”)  I don’t “run out of breath” anymore.  That’s not to say that I don’t get tired.  Definitely I do and my body moves slower and I may huff and puff on those extremely tough climbs.  But I don’t run out of breath.  Still, I thought his question was cute. 

Onward and upward . . .  


Santiago Peak in the far distance amused me:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Spying on Conservation Corps from Wood Creek Trail amused me (look closely in center of picture for several young men and women clearing the creek – may need to click picture for larger view):SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Running leaf littered single tracks amused me:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Checking who called while I was running and setting up a photo to catch the moment amused me:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Elevation Profile:My Activities Aliso Wood Cyns Big Loop Clockwise 9-29-2011, Elevation - Distance

Miles run this morning:  12.14 (19.54 km)


  1. Great post Lauren! I can relate to everything that amused you. Trail running is just so much fun. Have a great weekend!

  2. I have to get out to Aliso soon. I've biked it several times before but I think it's better as a set of running trails than biking ones. When I bike I try to stay on trails that don't have a lot of pedestrian traffic.

  3. Thanks Johann. We sure do love the trails. I can't believe it took me so long to find them.

  4. Aliso has some great running trails Scott. With the number of trails you can make up a bunch of different combinations. Thanks for reading.