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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Running with a Friend

When economic times are bleak, and I can’t even think a day ahead of time without a cloud of anxiety, there’s nothing like taking off the earphones and running with a friend.

It seems like I haven’t run with Sheila in such a long time – I know we missed all of the summer.  It may have even been last winter when we ran together! 

Well, this morning was lovely, blue skies, the sun shining, but it was cool.  We ran to the Top of the World and could actually see the great Pacific.  A large fluffy bobcat crouched down in a meadow as we ran through Wood Canyon.  Birds screeched out it seemed extra loud.  They scurried along the forest floor and flew from tree to tree as acorns fell down upon us.  A whole high school cross country ran by us.  And we even ran on in with two other runners that we’ve never met before.

Lovely way to begin the weekend. 

The view of Santiago Peak from West Ridge at Aliso/Wood CanyonsSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Quick pose before running onward & upward to Top of the WorldSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


Sheila takes a call running down Car WreckSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I got such a kick out of her second call, I snapped another photo.  (No one phones me that early in the morning!!)SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

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Miles run this morning:  7.35


  1. that's kind of 'against' the purity of trail running - talking on a cell phone! lol. glad you were able to get together with your friend for a run.

  2. Nice!

    I am DYING to try trail running, but I'm a crazy person and i find it super intimidating. Crazy.

  3. Just catching up with your adventures, my goodness you have been putting in the miles and always taking some great photos!

  4. just found you! I love your header photo....holy moly shoes!!!! lol and I am laughing so hard that your friend can talk and run :P lol

  5. Lindsay, I always get a kick out of taking a call on the trail too. Usually, I don't get service, or it's poor. But sometimes I HAVE TO take the call. Whenever my father calls, the first thing he asks is "Where are you?" Because he knows . . . Thanks for reading!!

  6. Giraffy -- all you need is a little bit of crazy to run trails. You just have to shorten your step a bit, and with that little bit of crazy you've got -- you can do it. Just start off slow and short. : )
    ps. thanks as always for reading.

  7. Thanks for reading Stuart. I so much don't want to let my runner down on my pace job (my very first pacing) that I've been training hard. I hope it pans out. I printed your list and memorized it. I really appreciated your advice. What I'm most interested in is just how people run after 32 miles (Twin Peaks is 52 miles, and I'll be meeting my runner at mile 32). Great news, I meet my runner on the Main Divide, which means that I don't need to run up Holy Jim or Horse thief. : ))) I will be FRESH.

  8. I am so glad you found me Ali Mc. I love, love, love new readers. Yes, I have lots of running shoes, and am even finagling for more. Funny, I was conversing with a friend about one of my trail runs, and I told her what I was saying to my running partner, and she said, "WAIT! You can talk while you run???" I guess I take some things for advantage. After time, running and talking go hand-in-hand, but not in the beginning.