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Monday, October 24, 2011

Eleven Days, Two Hours

That is how long until the Saddleback Marathon.  I ran it last year, basically untrained and injured after a very tough year.  Yet, I finished the race, a race not against other runners, but a race against the mountain.  This year, I’m going back with the intention to kill my time.

The closer I get to this magnificent mountain marathon, the more liberal I get in my goal.  I’m aiming for sub 7 hours now.  (7 hours is the cut-off, last year it took me around 7 1/2 hours).  Some of you may think SEVEN HOURS???  And you are justified in thinking that.  Take one look at this profile though, borrowed from Big Baz Trail Races:

SMM-elevation profile-11-10-07

The first time I ran this marathon (2010), I had never gone up Holy Jim.  It made me want to cry.  I had no idea when it would end.  Since then I have RUN it again and again.  I know Holy Jim.  It is no longer Holy Cow or Holy Crap, it’s just plain ole’ Holy Jim.  And I can run it. 

The first time I ran this marathon, I took in little calories.  This year, I will force them.

The first time I ran this marathon, I didn’t know some special trail runners.  This year, I will take off with their camaraderie. 

This first time I ran this marathon, I was scared to death.  This year, I’m not so much scared to death of running Saddleback Marathon.  I’m more scared to death of not beating my time.

Most importantly I want to enjoy the beauty.  I want to have fun during the Saddleback Marathon.  Most of all I don’t want to piss-off the race director, Big Baz (LOL).

I’m cutting my mileage over the next two weeks, but not drastically.  I will probably run a little under thirty miles  this week.  And I’m continuing big time on the strength training and speed work.  I actually increased my speed work this morning.   And that was tough, tough, tough.

Eleven days!


  1. Wow Lauren this is so exciting! You will kill your time for sure! You are very strong and fit at the moment and have done some incredible runs over the last few months. Enjoy the cutback weeks!

  2. That map does not show the difficulty of the 3794 to 4482 hill. Hate that thing. Hoping for a no "Santa Ana" day!

  3. I hope so Johann! I really need to stay focused and positive. I think that will be key at this point.

  4. You are right Jeremy, the map does not show the difficulty of that portion of the race. I consider it the most difficult portion of this marathon and I'm running all kinds of strategies through my head to handle it. I think I must calorie-up at Bear Springs and not forget to refill fluids!!