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Monday, October 3, 2011

Will These Socks Work?

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA           I stand now at the start line as my race season begins.  I suppose it’s now the “moments of truth,” as I’ve got a few races planned over the next five weeks.  Time to find out if all my training helped.

I know one thing for sure, I’m going into this year’s season in better shape than last year, and with no repetitive use injuries.  Although, the other day, it seemed I strained one or more of my chest muscles, not by running, but by strength training.  I am happy, so very happy to report a two-day recovery for that strain.

First up, in less than 7 days, I’m set to pace my friend Hank for the last 20 miles of Twin Peaks 50.  There’s not much more I could have done to prepare for this.  Besides training, I’ve memorized the route, I’ve run to the peak as much as I could take the time to do so.  And I ran to the peak from the bottom.  I start mile thirty from the Main Divide which cuts out a MAJOR climb.  Now, I’m just fine tuning – things like, filling the headlamp and flashlight with fresh batteries, washing my stinky hydration pack and deciding on attire (it may get cold).  And since I usually wear thin socks, I decided to run today in the pair I’ve chosen for Twin Peaks.  They are really comfy, warmer socks that I’ve never worn with the shoes that I’ve been training in recently, and also wearing next Sunday.  Today I put the combo together and went out and ran 12 miles of trails.

Yellow!  A good sign, my favorite color In loveSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

We’ve got a cool down in Southern California.  The skies are blue with white puffy clouds.  The reptiles are lethargic, the rattlers unseen.  Rain is even forecasted for the next couple days (not good for my local trails!  They close them in the rain Sad smile)  Today however, I didn’t need to worry about that.  My run was tranquil.  I barely needed fluids, though I packed plenty.  I didn’t even take in gels or solids.  I’d call it a very comfortable run.  Most everything was beautiful to my eyes.  Often I couldn’t resist a picture.  At times I escaped the present and the thoughts turned negative, but mostly I just ran.  I didn’t stop because I was tired.  I stopped because I was just plain ole tired of running.  My husband said, “What are you doing?  You still have time to run.”  He knows me.

Some scenes from my “winding down run”:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Off in the distance is where I’m pacing next weekend:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Top of the World (overlooking Laguna Beach/Pacific Ocean):SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Running the rolling hills of West Ridge:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s all down hill from here:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Sycamore Grove (Wood Canyon):SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

The final stretch (about 3.5 miles remain):SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Miles logged this morning:  12.02:My Activities clockwise big loop aliso woods 10-3-2011, Elevation - Distance

Oh ya.  The socks were comfy as usual and worked wonderfully!


  1. your runs look so awesome! was that a california king snake???

  2. Stupid trigger-happy phone...

    3 miles of climbing mt Vesuvius.... No biggie. Yeah I don't think I could hag with you on a run!! Plus the snakes! I'm too girly-chicken for that...

  3. Another awesome run! Your runs are such fantastic adventures. Well done Lauren!

  4. Thanks Ali. Yes, that is a king snake. I haven't seen too many of them on my runs.

  5. Thanks for reading Lindsay. I bet you could hang. The snakes though, a lot of people hate snakes and won't run trails because of them. Me, I hate tics!

  6. Thanks for reading Johann. I do love these runs.