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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Day in the Life of my Easy Day

No work today, my “easy” day, my Friday.  I love “easy” days, mainly because I have more time to run. (Is that selfish?  Yup – a truth I have to accept.) 

I woke at 6 AM made a pot of coffee, let our puppy outside,  folded clothes, switched clothes to the dryer, put another load into the washer, fed our pup.  Then I poured myself a cup of coffee, checked e-mail, read a blog entry and commented.  I filled the dishwasher, washed down the counters.  After that came the fun part: waking three boys.  The oldest jumped right up because he goes to school last and has time to run off to the office and play Minecraft.  The middle boy jumped right up too, then went out to the couch and slept before the television.  It was boy number three that frustrated me.  He would not budge from bed and I finally had to rely on counting.  1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . He was up then too, asleep on the floor in front of the television. 

Middle boy had a stomach ache and didn’t want breakfast.  I made our youngest breakfast, then commenced to make three packed lunches, while at the same time filling my hydration pack with water and Nuun tablets.  By 7:30 AM I was out the door driving 2 boys to school.  After attending morning assembly, which consisted of the flag salute and announcements, I talked with middle boy’s teacher, then a girlfriend and drove back home for boy number three.  Thing is, I didn’t head off toward home.  I started driving to Aliso/Wood Canyons!

At home, our oldest had already made and ate his breakfast and was fully dressed when I arrived.  This is what he said to me, “Dang it!  I forgot to take a shower.”


“You can’t be perfect,” I said.  “Put on some deodorant, take a shower tonight.” Some day he will appreciate my tolerance (right now, he thinks I’m probably the strictest mom in town).  Funny – he acted annoyed when I said I accidentally drove toward Aliso/Wood Canyons instead of home.

In a rush, I laced up my trail shoes, put on some running clothes while my son hollered for me from inside the truck.  So off I drove again, this time to our oldest boy’s school.  Drinking my breakfast along the way (a yogurt smoothie), I parked in the school lot, and we listened to a music cd – Pitbull.  Then he headed off with five minutes to spare. (I might add that he was angry with me for embarrassing him by “rocking out” in the car, though no one witnessed it.)


In 90F+ weather, my feet hit the trails happily at Aliso/Wood Canyons. I felt a bit draggy, not exactly dragging my feet, but running slower than usual due to the heat.  Did this bother me?  No way!  I was running trails and that’s all I really wanted right then.  I decided on the “Big Loop”, that is a loop around the entire park.  I also chose a clock-wise loop because that goes UP Meadows and I like to torture myself in the heat.  

A View of Saddleback Mountains from the top of Meadows Trail (Ya!  I’ve been up there!) SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

View of Pacific Ocean/Laguna Beach from top of Meadows:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Though these trails were heaven, the heat was hellish, and frankly I kind of liked it, in a suffering sort of way.  Thankfully I checked my hydration pack at Top of the World, because ends up, I was nearly empty.  I refilled and headed off again onto West Ridge.  I saw only one runner, and a few mountain bikers. 

Today’s run in itself was uneventful, and that was beautiful. Truly beautiful.  If you can appreciate uneventfulness, you probably will never say these words, “I am bored.”  My children and my students all say, “I am bored.”  At this point in my life, I really can’t understand those words.  Anyway, off subject!   I found a couple more bike reflectors to add to my collection.  I said hello to perfect strangers.  I witnessed countless squirrels and bunnies scamper across the trails and through the fields.  Delightful.

Running the Canyon, Wood Creek Trail, where it’s actually hotter than the ridge.  The heat seems to get trapped in the canyon.  I took this particular photo because at this point, my calves were burning up from the sun, the heat was tremendous.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Wood Creek Trail – the prize!  Top of the World isn’t the prize, it’s more the glory.  Trails like these, they are the prize.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I include this picture only because of the effort it took catching it.  I slid down a slope to get it, tried several times to run in front of the camera in the allotted time, until I finally decided to traipse through the creek and wet my feet (and you know I’m not vain, because I absolutely HATE the way the hydration pack makes me look, kinda squished with no figure at all).SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Wood Canyon Trail / Conservation Corps still working on the trails.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I ran on in slowly to the truck.  Then I drove quickly home to shower as fast as I could.  My face was crusted with salt.  For lunch I made a turkey sandwich and washed it down with a diet coke while surfing the internet, answering e-mails, etc.  Then I was back in the truck to drive to the school once again.  I hung out with other moms until the children got out.  After that I took our youngest and middle boy and went along with a girlfriend and her son and step-mother to the school’s book faire.  After spending about a half hour in the book faire, I dropped the youngest boys at home, then headed off to grocery shop.  From there, I drove to oldest boy’s school to pick him up.

Back at home, I listened to the eldest practice violin, and then middle boy practice the guitar.  I did more laundry, downloaded my garmin, answered more e-mails, gathered paperwork for a meeting tomorrow, charged the ipod.  Then it was time to start dinner while the boys and FOUR additional neighborhood boys played in the backyard. 

We ate outside tonight beneath an oversized maroon umbrella, it was so dang hot in the house,  For dinner I served carne asada steak, ranch style beans, french fries and a romaine and spinach salad.  For those who didn’t want a green salad (youngest and middle boy), they got peaches.  I had something a little different:  macaroni and cheese, a romaine and spinach salad with light Caesar dressing and wine.  : )

Alas, the day was not finished.  I cleared the backyard table, emptied the dishwasher, filled the dishwasher, prompted homework.  Then there was more laundry to do.  After that – fast forward, with the children all in bed, I put the computer on my lap, answered e-mails and began this blog.  I’m sure there’s lots that I missed.  I just thought it would be fun to catalogue the day.  Stay tuned if this if your first read of my blog.  It isn’t usually this mundane.

Today’s run:My Activities clockwise big loop aliso woods 10-13-2011, Elevation - Distance

My Activities clockwise big loop aliso woods 10-13-2011


  1. I enjoyed reading about your day. I should do a post about my day as well. Tomorrow morning I get to do some nice trails, yay! I love your passion for the trails. have a great weekend Lauren!

  2. Could of titled this one: "I am not bored". "A View of Saddleback Mountains from the top of Meadows Trail (Ya! I’ve been up there!)" I look up there all the time and say the same thing. Not my people can say that.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed reading Johann. I had fun writing it. I think I still left out a lot of things. Funny. I think you should do one too. : )

  4. Jeremy that is the PERFECT title!! I should run all my entries by you for a good title. I really wanted to change the name after reading your new title, but the cross-out feature doesn't work on the titles with Windows Live Writer.

    The view of the peak is spectacular from Aliso. Yup, we've been there! : )