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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ready or Not

I apologize for not getting to blog comments.  I really enjoy responding to them, but I’ve been a little busy getting everything together for my first pace job, which includes making sure everyone at home has everything they need since I will be gone all day.van halen

FIRST OFF, Congratulations Giraffy for being the first person to correctly name the song I quoted in my last blog.  “Ain’t Talkin’ bout Love,” Van Halen.  1970’s.  I was going into the 9th grade when I purchased that album.  LOL.  Just e-mail me your address Giraffy (you can find a link on my profile) and I’ll send you a few of my favorite gels.  Thanks for reading!

Twin Peaks 50 - October 09, 2011Secondly, tomorrow is a big day, as I will be a pacer for the first time.  I am so honored to be chosen by a very adept trail running friend.  Of course I am nervous.  But I have trained.  I’m nervous to have someone else depend on me.  But then again, every single day of my life others depend on me.  I hope for a restful sleep and a fun time tomorrow pacing one of the toughest 50 mile races in California – Twin Peaks 50.  Good luck Hank!  And good luck to all those lining up at the Start Line.  That takes guts!

Good luck also to my friends running the Long Beach Marathon tomorrow (Jeremy and Jeff) – I know you’ll do great.  Again, even taking that spot at the Start Line takes guts!  Good luck to all those I didn’t mention.  I know A LOT of people are racing tomorrow.   Fun, fun, fun!

You probably will not see a “Pace Report” tomorrow, as I may arrive home quite late.  I’m also not sure if I will capture many pictures.  I’m there on one mission only – that is to help my friend cross the finish line.

Good night to all.  Hope your runs are fun tomorrow.  And if you’re not running, have a great day anyway! Smile


  1. Very cool Lauren! Have fun up on the big hill. It looks like it's going to be a pretty spectacular day weatherwise.

  2. Thanks Glenn! It definitely was spectacular. I'll never forget it. : )