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Friday, October 28, 2011

“Where You Are, Be There.”

I was a gym rat today.  Two and a half hours in the gym (90 minutes of it on the cycle) gave me some time to zone out and some time to think and some time to enjoy the moments.  And I decided something.  I’m breaking the pre-race depression pattern right now.  Originally, I figured it was the lack of endorphins that caused the depression when I cut back miles.  But today I realized that it’s probably more that I don’t focus on the moment, the present, as much when I’m not running.  Instead, I’m anxious about the future (i.e., the race) or I’m fretting about the past (i.e., I didn’t train enough, I wanted to lose more weight).  All things that don’t matter!  The only thing that REALLY matters is right now.  

“Where you are, BE THERE.”  My son’s old taekwondo master used to always say this.  And so that’s where I aim to be.

Of course, I didn’t break the clumsy accident pattern.  But that’s okay.  I tripped on the living room rug once.  I tripped also for absolutely no reason at all after that.  I did not fall either time.  And no injuries today!

Lastly, keeping with the trend of Flashback Friday (but contradictory to my topic today), here’s one from long, long ago, back when it was much easier for me to remain in the present.


Circa 1967/68

I still love to swing.  I don’t find many swings nowadays.  I think they’re too much of a liability. 

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