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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Run Back

First run back on the trails, that is.  I did run the treadmill yesterday for some speed work.  Today was my first day since pacing Twin Peaks that my feet hit dirt.  I picked my favorite local trails, Aliso/Wood Canyons, a short out-and-back to Top of the World.  And all I could think about was Twin Peaks.  Pacing the event has become a huge milestone in my running “career.”  I know this may sound odd, but my feet hit the dirt differently now, with more confidence. 

I was a little stiff this morning after a huge two hour gym workout yesterday, not to mention mountain miles on Sunday.  Yet, this morning, even during another heat wave, I ran up Cholla Trail with relative ease.  I felt like my feet grabbed the ground.  I ran that entire climb without any forefoot strikes (which is my desire).

Running a single-track off of West Ridge Trail, with a one-track mind – pointing out the mountains where Twin Peaks took place. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

View of Pacific Ocean from Park Avenue Nature Trail – I can’t get enough of that!SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I wanted a short run, because like I’ve alluded, I’ve changed.  Short runs are valuable too.  It’s running trails that I love.  I don’t have to do 10-20 miles to be satisfied.  Six will do, especially if I’m running to Top of the World (which by the way was empty today due to the heat).  Today, I was more about the awesomeness of the trails than I was about the mileage, or even pace (though I did pick up my pace when I thought about it.)

Soon I will be back and off this cloud I’m on. I’m looking forward to catching up on reading blogs and answering comments.  I can’t wait to find out how bloggers did on their races this weekend.  Thanks ahead of time for all your comments.  I am truly amazed at all of your efforts, whether it’s running the trails or the road, no matter how quick or slow you are, you are among the elite.  A small percentage of the adult population can run more than a half mile. 

Hope you have a great run tomorrow, or the next day, or the next!


A new pal on West RidgeSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Elevation Profile:My Activities cyn vistas out and back w- c's 10-12-2011, Elevation - Distance

Miles logged today (Wednesday): 6.32

Miles logged Tuesday:  2


  1. Thanks for another great post Lauren! I know that feeling on the cloud:) Enjoy it. Short runs do count as well and is just as rewarding as long runs. I love every run I do.

  2. Never ceases to amaze me all of the animal friends you encounter, but I have to admit, I wouldnt be so cool about it. Id be a big baby.

  3. Thanks for reading Johann. Once I got into the longer distances I loved them so much, I found it so difficult to go back to shorter runs (at the urging of some of my friends). I'm actually doing it and liking it. The only thing is, it is so hard for me to leave the trail and go back to real life!

  4. Thanks for reading Khourt! Somehow I can't imagine you being a "big baby." Besides that, I'm one of the girliest-girls you'll ever meet. Seriously. When I went to school and when I work, I always, always, always wear a dress and heals, do my hair, etc. I even accessorize sometimes! So, I think you could do it if the girliest-girl can. : )