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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Take It Easy Mode

SO . . . I was standing on the toilet digging through the cabinet trying to find the Buzz Lightyear towel for my youngest who was in the bathtub.  In the next second I was airborne with the entire bathroom (3 shelf) wooden cabinet falling down on top of me (including the plants on top).  The crash was tremendous.  It sounded like an entire wall came crashing down which sent the remainder of my family running to my aid.  I landed on my left glute and some part of the cabinet LANDED ON MY KNEE.  The floor was covered with dirt, plants and broken porcelain planters, towels and all the first aid stuff in our home (that’s not in my hydration pack or gym bag). 

Now, we live in an old house, built in the 40’s.  Most of the work was done by prior owners (except for our remodeled kitchen).  Some time ago hubby took down the cabinets that weren’t nailed into the studs and put them up right.  Except for this one particular cabinet.  Of course, it wasn’t nailed into the studs (Duh!!).  All I have to say is thank goodness it didn’t take me out!

But my knee – it is bruised.  And the pain actually woke me last night, and I was feeling an ache tonight as I sat down to write this.  Funny thing though, I felt absolutely no pain when I ran today.  Maybe it’s because I’m in “easy mode” right now.  Easy on the running that is.  Or should I say easier?

I may have lost all perspective with running on what is “easy” and what is “hard.”  Today’s run was easy because it was fun, it was cool weathered, it was short,  and it was beautiful.  But today’s run was hard too because I ran hills and besides that, even when it’s easy, running’s pretty much always hard – one of the reasons I like it so much. 

After some short speed work yesterday (2.5 miles), today’s “easy mode” included a quick trip to Top of the World.    It looked like it might rain.  I actually hoped that it would rain, even though I don’t much enjoy running in the rain.  I looked forward to something different, something lively, especially after my bathroom accident scare.

Easy ModeMy Activities cyn vistas out and back w- c's 10-25-2011, Elevation - Distance

City views running along West RidgeSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Running a side trail off of West Ridge (I call these “C” trails, because they’re shaped like a “C” beginning and ending on the same trail)SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

A pose at Top of the WorldSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Heading back toward West Ridge (from Park Avenue Nature Trail) – West Ridge is the trail visible at the top of this ridge hereSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

At the top of another “C” trail off of West Ridge sitting at a bench that is obviously two low to the ground.  I just don’t want to leave the trails yet, and I’m almost to the car. Sad smile


Continuing on to Cholla Trail, looking back on West Ridge and the “C” trail (on right) I just ran offSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

And so there you have it – my “easy mode” run.  The trick over the next ten days is to minimize the injuries at home!!

Have fun on your runs this week. 


  1. Wow, glad no serious damage from that fall. I can just imagine all the terribly bad injuries one could get from that. However, I think we "in shape" people can handle little mishaps like that well. I'm with you on the "what's easy or difficult" thing. This morning I ran 21km before work. That's a half marathon before work and I didn't think much of it. Many people are training their butts off for their first half.

  2. D'oh! How scary. I'm glad you seem to be okay. ::huge hugs::

  3. Isn't it funny that 6+ miles is "easy"? I want to be like you when I grow up!

    Glad to hear that you didn't get hurt worse!

  4. Thanks Johann. My mother said once that I have so many muscles they protect my bones. Don't know about that, but I do end up pretty well in my "accidents."

  5. You'll get there again Glenn. I seem to recall a race I volunteered a while back called THE HARDING HUSTLE that you ran. I won't even run that race because it scares me so much. : )