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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Accident Prone

After the bathroom cabinet crashed down on me and then breaking a glass the next day, hubby said, “There will be NO STANDING ON CHAIRS OR BARSTOOLS for the next week.”  Notice no word of me not doing the dishes!  Anyway, he’s on my side and knows how important the upcoming race is to me.  And he feels there’s a pretty good chance that I may knock myself out of the race before it even starts.  

Don’t tell anyone.  But I have stood on at least 2 chairs since hubby’s demand request, and a barstool at least three times (in my kitchen, not in a bar – so that’s a good thing.)  And I didn’t fall once.  Then today, I slammed the truck door into my knee. That hurt. Happens to be the same knee that the bathroom cabinet bruised, except the other side.

Certain patterns occur for me in the days preceding a big race.  First off – I experience weird aches and pains or clumsy household injuries.  The other thing is frequent nightmares.  Usually, they are dreams about being unable to find the start line.  Or ending up at the start line with only one shoe.  Last night however, my dreams were of anger, yelling and screaming.  I finally woke this morning at 5AM and said that’s it.  I’m tired of yelling.  I’m getting out of bed!  Oddly, I dreamt that I was screaming at the top of my lungs at my parents because they had added on an extra room in the house THIRTY years ago and it still stood empty.  So, I stormed about the bedroom that I shared with my sister and began moving myself into this unused room.  At the same time (it seemed) I dreamt that my husband and I purchased the house on the corner.  Stressed over two mortgages, I was so, so, angry, again, screaming and yelling angry, that after several months, I had been so busy, that I still hadn’t got the chance to take a look inside this new house. 

Any interpretations?

I expect the weird start line dreams to begin in a few days.

The other thing that happens prior to a big race is depression.  I don’t taper anymore – that is gradually cut my mileage back about a month prior to the race.  Instead I cut back my mileage 1 to 2 weeks prior to the race simply to give myself a rest.  I hate cutting back mileage.  I hate cutting back mileage because I want to run!!! 

Today, I put in a run, careful not to run too many miles.  I did a couple miles speed work yesterday, so today I ran the exact out-and-back to Top of the World that I ran on Tuesday.  6.38 miles.

Pointing out Saddleback Mountains on today’s run.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

West Ridge, which trail shall I take?SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

That’s easy – cutting back mileage doesn’t mean running the flatter route.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


Acting goofy at Top of the World.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

View of Pacific Ocean / Laguna Beach from Top of the World.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Got one thing on my mind!!SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


  1. Remember Holy Jim is just Jim's trail. I am not really as worried about it as I was last year. What I am worried about is calories and trying not running out of fuel. "Keep those toes up"

  2. Where do you live I want to run here!!!! and wipeout! yikes

  3. I'm not as worried about Holy Jim as I am about that hill afterward. And Yes Sir! I will keep my toes up!! I too worry about calories Jeremy, but I am so, so excited about running this thing again. : )

  4. Thanks for reading Ali Mc. I live in Southern California, Orange County, aka, The O.C. I am very fortunate to have some wonderful coastal hills nearby as well as some mountain trails not too far off.