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Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to our Regular Programming

Three days.  THREE DAYS I did not run.  Saturday I taught a day long computer “crash course,” I missed my family so much, that I just couldn’t get out there Sunday and run.  I decided a rest would do me good – time with the family would do me even better.Smile 

This week is “early-out” every day for our two youngest boys, so I planned on a run straight out of the school lot.  Thing was, we moved our clocks forward one hour yesterday, which caused quite a bit of havoc this morning.  Monday is the day we really feel the time change in our house.  I was so dang tired, and not even feeling that well after 3 days of unhealthy eating, that I promised myself, “as soon as I get these boys off to school, I’m driving straight home and going back to bed!”

But I couldn’t do it.  I had to run.  I HAD to.  March was supposed to be my tough training month.  Aside from that, I was beginning to slide into a fit of depression.  When Mommy’s not well, the family’s not well.  The same could be said for Daddy, I suppose.  But in this case, it was Mommy, and she needed to get back to her regular programming. 

So, I hit my local trails at Aliso/Wood Canyons and ran an out-and-back up Cholla, up and down West Ridge with some detours on the little side trails to add some more elevation, to Top of the World.  The trails were full with runners, hikers and mountain bikers today. The skies were blue with giant wispy clouds.  The weather was cool with light breezes.  Baby lizards scampered back and forth across the trail.  And I do believe my heart was singing as I ran the rolling hills of West Ridge.

I’m so happy that I didn’t go with the original plan and return to bed.   I felt strong running this morning.  And even though it didn’t feel like I ran any faster than normal, I finished this out-and-back about 15 minutes faster than usual.

Elated on West Ridge Trail:

View of Laguna Wilderness and Bommer Canyon from West Ridge:

Detour off West Ridge (Park Avenue Nature Trail) overlooking Pacific Ocean:

Quick Pose at Top of the World before heading back:

Satellite of my “shortish run”:My Activities Long Run 3-12-2012

Elevation Profile of out-and-back to Top of the World:out-and-back 3-12-2012, Elevation - Distance copy


  1. 15 minutes ia big difference when it comes to running! I was just telling somebody how sometimes the best runs happen when we have to drag ourselves out there. Its funny how that works.

    1. It's funny how it works that way Khourt -- this tid-bit of knowledge is what helps me get out there when I don't feel like it. Have a great weekend!

  2. Way to go Lauren! I agree that sometimes rest and family is better for us but I struggle to take a break for anything longer than 2 days. Yay for the 15mins! That is awesome!

    1. Thanks for reading Johann. We have a big storm coming in, and I'm fretting because I'm not sure when I can run again. They close the local trails in the storms, and I think it's just too dangerous to go up into the mountains during a big storm. : ( On the good side, I will be with family. : )

  3. 15 min faster over 6 miles?! awesome! Those rest/family days must have been just what your legs (and mind) needed.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I don't pause my garmin when I stop at Top of the World (or when I stop anywhere), so I never know how much of the time improvement is just from goofing off less. But with a 15 min. time difference, I think I can be assured that there's some improvement in there. : )