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Monday, March 19, 2012

Just Like Old Times

The only substitute calls I received today left me too far away to make it to my regular teaching job in time.  So, I had to decline.  With some hours to spare (dishes already done, laundry in the machines, boys off to school) what else was a girl supposed to do? 


It was just like old times on today’s morning run.  Before I even heard of trail running, I ran different parts of the local beaches, camp grounds, wharf and marina, gradually piecing the parts together to equal ten miles.  At first I could barely run  2 to 3 mile segments.  Five miles came slowly and I was still embarrassed to say that I was a runner.  Back then, I didn’t think that I looked like a runner.  Now, I don’t really care whether I “look like a runner,” mainly because I realize that runners look all different ways.   I still remember the joy of that first ten miles when I finally pieced together most of this route.  I remember taking way too long to finish, and finishing up like a zombie.  But I didn’t care!  I had run ten miles!!

I ran this route and only this route for years.  I ran it to train for my first half marathon (The Disney half).  I used to count runners running the same route.  I ran it in the dark before anyone in the neighborhood woke.  I ran it at night when the restaurant lights’ reflections twinkled upon the sea. 

This morning, I pieced it all together again for one big loop back to my house.  Now I have this bridge that crosses over the highway (didn’t have this back then):

Like the old times, I ran until the sidewalk ended.  Then I turned around and ran through Capo and Doheny beaches.  I circled the campground twice to find it virtually empty with cars donning only California plates.

Where the sidewalk ends:

Capo Beach:

Dana Point Wharf:

Harbor Island:

Running the marina:

I spotted 31 other runners out this morning.  And I ran 12.05 miles (19.44 km), somewhat fatigued, especially after yesterday’s snow run.  It’s nice to get back out to the old route once in a while. 


  1. Great run Lauren. I can imagine it must be good to get out on the old route from time to time. You have come a long way since then.

    1. Thanks Johann! I really have come a long way. Though I'm no speedster. When I ran my first neighborhood block (as an adult) I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest and I was going to die. : )

  2. Amazing looking harbor, so calm and warm...wish we had that here!

    1. Thanks Ed. I am very lucky to have this harbor. It is small, and it has a very nice island. And I get to run away from any traffic. Definitely let me know when you're out my way and I'll show you some great routes (which I'm sure you have out your way too : )

  3. Thats a nice bridge! Its amazing how runners think sometimes. I will ocassionaly run my old routes and just marvel at how much better I am. I pass spots that I used to look at and think "If I can just run to that point then I can take a walk break" and now I can run the whole routes.

    And.. You would be proud of me.. I ran my first trail as part of a fun run race over this weekend. It was a blast.

    1. Thanks Khourt! I really love this new bridge in town. It makes the local beach runs a little longer, but I LOVE running the bridge (though it smells of urine, and at times I have to pass people smoking pot). I definitely remember, "just run to this and that."
      Still do it (just run to that bush and so on). AND I am so proud of you. Trail running is so much harder for me than road running. I am so happy you had a blast.