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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spike Run

It was time today for yet another little work-out this morning (not a fun-run, an ACTUAL workout.)  I now call it my spike run – what I used to call hill repeats.  By the looks of today’s elevation profile below, it’s clearly a spike run:

My Activities Meadows 3x 3-29-2012, Elevation - Distance copy

The weather was cold.  It was misty and wet.  The workout was difficult.  But not excruciating.  Except for a few mountain bikers riding down, and one runner going up, I was alone for most of today’s run.  I felt especially alone at the top, surrounded by thick white mist.  The ocean was nowhere to be seen at the top of Meadows.  For some reason it was a bit sad.  No.  Not really sad, more like somber. 

The fun in today’s run was in its difficulty.  But I don’t necessarily enjoy repeats.  I just enjoy being able to run them.  In my twenties I wouldn’t have been able to hike up this hill once without stopping and resting, maybe even sitting.


About a half mile into Meadows, heading for the ascent (the top is obscured by clouds):

The climb threatening, but in not in full-force:

The sweat begins:

Nearing the top:

All done!  Heading back to the truck:

From above:My Activities Meadows 3x 3-29-2012


  1. Looks like a great work out and a challenge too! Love the pictures keep them coming!

  2. Thanks Ed! I'm a camera junkie. I just hope these tough repeats are going to help me in my upcoming 50k race that has 6,600+ feet of elevation gain. I'm soooo scared. Thanks for reading though -- really appreciate it. I'm so behind in my blog readings, one of my simple joys in life. : )