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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today’s training schedule dictated 26 miles.  I thought it would be so much easier if I could just find a marathon to run.  Really.  I searched the internet on Friday.  The only reasonably priced and kind of close marathon was sold out. Dang.  I was just trying to make it easy on myself.  Can you blame a girl? 

Instead driving to the mountains, I concocted a three-park loop in the local coastal hills:  Aliso/Wood Canyons, Laguna Wilderness and Crystal Cove.  I could make this a really long story.  Truth is, I’m just too tired.  Short story is that I miscalculated my 26 miles.  I knew this early on.  So, I altered my loop.  Even with the altered loop, I realized I was still WAY over 26 miles.  But I couldn’t cut it short when I realized this at about 15 miles, because I needed to refill fluids at Ridge Park.  After refilling, I decided to cut it short again (else come in at 30 miles), then I took a wrong turn (for a short detour) and made it back to my truck at 28.53 miles (about 46 km). 

I arrived home overheated and dead-dog tired.  But I felt good, more confident than usual, after being able to run it all the way in.  I am ready for an early night to bed. 

So onward to the pictures, lots of pictures:

Entering Aliso/Wood Canyons:

Wood Canyon:

Exiting Aliso/Wood Canyons Park:

This sign is NOT needed:

See?  No sign needed:

Entering Laguna Wilderness:

Laurel Canyon Trail:

Moro Ridge overlooking Pacific Ocean:

Entering Crystal Cove:

Crystal Cove:

The water fountain!  The water fountain!

Homeward bound, running Rock It:

Elevation Profile (And the route for those interested:  Aliso Creek Canyon Trail, Wood Canyon Trail, Cholla, West Ridge, Stairstep, cross Laguna Canyon, Laurel Canyon Trail, Willow, Bommer Ridge, Old Emerald, Emerald Canyon, Old Emerald Falls, Moro Ridge, B.F.I., No Dogs, No-Name, Bommer Ridge, Willow, cross Laguna Canyon, Stairstep, West Ridge, Rock It, Coyote Run, Mathis, Wood Canyon Trail, Aliso Creek Trail Smile)

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  1. At least the weather cooperated for a few hours this morning? ;)

    1. It did Giraffy. I got a few nice ocean breezes. I felt blessed. : ))

  2. Man. I'd need a hotel somewhere along that route. Amazing Lauren!

    1. No hotels along the way, unless you cross Laguna Canyon closer to Highway One. Other than that, it's the campgrounds along El Moro Ridge, which probably isn't a bad place to bed down. Thanks for reading!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Adam. I really love putting the parks together. I just mis-judged my mileage this time. : )) I had so wanted to go to The Top of the World, but that would have put me at probably 30+ miles.