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Thursday, August 2, 2012

So tempted

I woke at 5:00 this morning, so, so tempted to go back to sleep.  I was strong enough this morning not to let that happen.  However, I did sit around until 6:30 AM, enjoying my coffee and alone time.  When my oldest son woke, I bid him good-bye and by 6:50 AM my feet were pounding dirt.

As weak as I’ve been feeling I took the toughest trail in Aliso/Wood Canyons, that is Mentally Sensitive.  This cracks me up that I would pick this trail .  I didn’t find much humor in my run though.  Overall, I ran way too seriously, missing out on all the fun.  I did get to pose at the Top of the World.  And I did get to beat my time for this 13.34 loop by about a half an hour.  Most of that gain was due to the fact that I didn’t stop to swing in the city playground.  Nor did I stop to take many pictures.  Yes, I have broken YET ANOTHER camera.  But, I do have a phone.  And that of course means at least a few pictures. 

Thanks for reading! 

Glory going up Mentally Sensitive:120802_010

Top of the World:


Wood Canyon for the final push back to the truck:120802_015

13.34 miles (The loop:  Aliso Creek Trail, Wood Canyon, Meadows, Mentally Sensitive, Aswut, Top of the World, Park Avenue Nature Trail, West Ridge, Cholla, Wood Canyon, Aliso Creek):My Activities Big loop at Aiso, up Mentally Sensitive down Cholla 8-2-2012, Elevation - Distance copy

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