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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fearful Gait

After diligent self-therapy and constant taping and re-taping my foot, I set out this morning for my first run since last Thursday (and that was my only run last week).  I taped my foot of course, and I am so, so very pleased to report that I felt no pain whatsoever on my nearly eleven mile run.  I took it easy, ran pretty slowly in fact.  It felt like my gait had changed, almost like I ran too carefully, as if my feet were afraid.  I was afraid.  I did not, could not feel the pain once again with just about a week out of Twin Peaks. 

I’m okay with the fearful gait.  The important thing is that I got out there and I ran trails today.  The feeling was so completely joyful, it felt like I had been released from prison or perhaps a psych-ward – as if I were suddenly free.  Not a thing bothered me during today’s run, not my slowness nor the treacherous climb up Mentally Sensitive.  It’s almost like every runner needs an injury so that they can have this feeling of getting back something they had lost.  Of course, I don’t want anyone injured.  But with all my training, I think I was beginning to lose some joy of trails. 

10.75 miles run this morning.  Back at home, I took off the tape, iced and rolled.  And I felt great.

Turning onto my old friend Meadows Trail:

Running up Mentally Sensitive – There’s Saddleback Mountains!:

A quick stop for some swing time:


Back at Top of the World:

View from Top of the World:

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  1. Great news indeed! Take it easy and I'm sure you'll be fine for Twin Peaks. The rest you had will help as well.

    1. Rest is scary for me Johann. Hopefully I can learn that it is good!

  2. Great news that you felt no pain and are keeping up the treatment routine to keep it away. It sounds like you will be good to go for TP.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I am keeping up on the icing and taping and rolling even still. I feel only a slight soreness when rolling.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, goats Adam. It's the cutest thing. Certain times during the year, the park must lease out the land to ranchers. I always see goats in the same general area and they rotate them from field to field. I haven't noticed yet if it's always the same time of year.