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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Solo Saddleback Training Run

I got a late start this morning for my one and only training run for The Saddleback Marathon.  I actually started my run at 9:00 AM.  I rarely start mountain runs that late.  But it’s autumn now, so the weather was nice and cool.  I even wore long sleeves and ran the heater on the drive to Trabuco Canyon.

Planning runs, I forget to count prep time at my truck – this morning it took me ten plus minutes prepping before I took off up the mountain:

It’s deer season in California.  So, I was sure to wear clothing the colors not usually found in nature.  I don’t want to be mistaken for a deer this time of year.  I should have worn a bright orange shirt – but I don’t own one.  I saw two male hunters hiking into the canyon (separately), both in camouflage (but one also wore an orange vest).  Both carried their rifles with a sling over their shoulder, with the barrels pointed upward.  Both also, though youngish men (younger than me), wore their heads shaven clean.  

I ran up Holy Jim, reminiscing about Twin Peaks, or rather trying to reminisce.  I don’t recall much now of running up Holy Jim.  I know today the trail was a lot more crowded with hikers and mountain bikers.  I timed myself going up, but that went out the window when my spouse left a phone message and started texting me.  I forgot to leave a note where I was running today.  This halted my run up Holy Jim because I was afraid to keep moving forward, lest I lose my cell connection.  The other problem was that I couldn’t READ MY PHONE!  Why?  Because I can’t see close up or tiny things without my glasses.  So, I texted HJ.  And hubby brainstormed my oldest son to find out that HJ meant Holy Jim.  (I was so proud of my son : )

Heading up Holy Jim:

Just before reaching The Main Divide, I heard a gunshot.  Just one.  My time was not good when I finally reached the divide.  I turned right and continued running without stopping.  More trucks than usual drove along the divide.  A few motorcyclists did as well.  I made the next junction (Indian Truck Trail) in good time, actually ten minutes faster than usual. 

View of Riverside county from the divide:

This is what much of running the divide is like, but this is section less hilly and less rocky than other parts:

I made it to a secret water stash just in time.  After refilling my pack I heard talking and laughing.  I didn’t want to exit the hiding spot, so I remained hiding in the bushes.  I waited and I waited.  I didn’t want to expose the water spot by exiting just as they went by.  Then again, they might have been runners who knew about the spot.  I waited and waited some more.  Thing was, I needed to pee.  And I could not, would not pee anywhere a secret water stash.  So, I finally pushed through the bushes, and ran up the trail to find four hikers taking photos of themselves.  I came “out of nowhere” to them.  And they were just about in the spot where I had decided to duck into the bushes to do my business.  (I’m just telling it how it is : )  I took a picture of their group with their camera before taking off along the divide to find another sufficient “spot.”

Anyway, the gnats flew about my face as I ran toward Trabuco Trail.  My timing wasn’t too bad.  What was bad was my trip down Trabuco.  This trail is one of the most beautiful trails I know.  It’s also very rocky, and I tend to run it fearfully, which is not good for my time.  There was a day when I ran down Trabuco much quicker.  But with my falls over the past couple years, I’ve grown timid.

Trabuco Trail:

I think I’ll save my quicker running down Trabuco for this Saturday’s race.  Overall, I ran to my truck at a slower speed than expected.  But overall, I enjoyed my training run.  I love these mountains.

Today’s profile:Running Holy Jim Trabuco Loop 10-28-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. That's a great run, well done! Luckily there is no hunting where I run. I would be very scared if that was the case. Here in SA hunting is not allowed in any reserves or places where the public can go. Only special game farms allow hunting. Poaching is of course a huge problem here with the Rhinos really suffering at the moment.

    I see you use SportTracks to log your runs. I've been thinking of buying the full version but I'm not sure if it is worth it. Did you buy it?

    1. Johann, I haven't purchased the full version of SportTracks. The free version has so much, I can't imagine what more I would need.

      So sad about the poaching of Rhinos. :(

  2. Imagine their surprise as they look at their pictures later that night only to find you doing your business in the bushes behind in the background.

    And how can you not own a bright orange anything? Half my closet is orange.

    1. LOL Lumberjack!

      I do like the color orange, just for some reason don't have anything. Must put on the "To Buy" List.