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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Big Loop, Clockwise

Today, I had enough time to run “The Big Loop” in Aliso/Wood Canyons.  I call it “The Big Loop” because it’s basically the biggest single loop one can run in the park.  Actually, it’s not exactly a loop, it’s more a lollipop loop.

Well . . . kind of a funny looking lollipop:Running Big Loop Aliso clockwise 10-25-2012

Clockwise, “The Big Loop” has a climb that is short and steep.  It’s pretty brutal, travelling UP Mentally Sensitive (aka Psycho Path) to the ridge.  Counter-clockwise, “The Big Loop’s” climb is long and gradual.  I prefer to go for the excruciating, but over somewhat quickly, than a constant, long gradual uphill.

Running Big Loop Aliso clockwise 10-25-2012, Elevation - Distance

The Big Loop was a joy today.  I came practically face-to-face with a deer.  The meeting was a tad scary.  Though they’re not predators, this one could have easily knocked me down and kicked out some teeth. 

The weather again was cool and crisp.  I simply adore autumn.  I do believe it has the perfect running weather here in Southern (coastal) California. 

I’ll make this quick and end this entry with some scenes from today.  The next couple days are long work days for me, I’ve got to get to bed.  Fortunately, I got this wonderful run in today.

Climbing Mentally Sensitive:

Top of the World:

Chance meeting running through Wood Canyon:


  1. wow! That must be some scenery (and hills!)
    I'd completely panic if I seen a deer!

    1. Thanks for reading TorontoRunner. I definitely was a bit spooked being that close to a deer.

  2. Yeah be careful with those deer. They don't have those antlers for decoration. I was backpacking in the Sierras a couple of years ago and, no joke, a bambi-like doe gave me a fierce bluff charge. I was so confused...such a cute little......MONSTER THAT WANTS TO KILL ME! AHHHH

    1. Scott, I kind of got that feeling as the deer was staring me down. Glad Bambi didn't hurt you!

  3. That is some serious elevation. I got out of breath just looking at that picture.

    I love your b-boy hat action. Heh!

    1. Thanks Green Girl. It takes the breath out of me too! : )