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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I can’t recall the last time I ran back-to-back days – that is BEFORE TODAY.  Smile  With my mood lately, you’d think I would have used the heavily drizzling weather to zonk the back-to-back notion.  But I headed out anyway, arches taped, shins rolled.  And I took off running into Wood Canyon beneath gray, lovely wet skies. 

I came upon no other runners on my way to Top of the World.  But after running up Cholla Trail I came upon several small hiking groups making their way along the ridge.  They were bundled up, looking cuddly and warm.  And I wore shorts.  My long sleeve provided little warmth, however, I warmed up pretty quickly myself running the ridge’s rolling hills.

I ran today simply for the sake of running.  I’m merely getting back my groove, no pace pressure, no mileage requirements.  I do admit though, I’m still hoping to make Mt. Everest’s elevation this month.  It’ll be a tough task, one that will require that I keep my onward momentum going.

Though I was cold and debated doing a 1.5 mile out, then back, I have to call this morning’s run a success.  My shins felt great.  I enjoyed myself.  And best of all, I got my first back-to-back in a long, long time.

Miles run: 6.47

Running Cyn Vistas TOW 4-24-2013, Elevation


  1. I'm sure you'll hit your goal. Weather has been a bit gloomy for sure. I plan on heading to Aliso soon. Happy trails!!!

  2. Hope to see you there soon Hank!