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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rut Update

The thing I hate about digging myself out of a rut is digging my myself out of a rut. The second thing I hate about digging myself out of a rut is that no one else can do it for me. I have to do it myself. Being that I am quite the procrastinator, I have been only half-assed trying to dig myself out of this rut. I feel like blah, like doing nothing. Instead of running (like I planned) after dropping our boys off at school, I returned home and slept on the couch until 11:30 AM!!!  Then I merely sat and surfed the net an hour before heading off to work.  (Oh, I did wash some dishes by hand).

Now, it’s not like if I didn’t run I didn’t have anything to do. I have LOTS to do. I just don’t feel like doing anything.   This is not my “normal.”  Though I am a procrastinator, I am definitely a doer.  So, what the heck? 

That’s my rut update.  My current goal is not to run such and such miles.  It’s simply to get out of this rut.  I’ve got to climb through that hole to the sunshine on the other side. Smile

Wish me luck. 


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  1. Im having a hard time getting motivatted and I dont know why but it sucks. Heres to us both figuring it out

  2. I got some motivation today. I stepped on the scale. Ouch! LOL.