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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back to Business

It’s time to call this rut official.  Every morning I set my alarm to get in an early trail run.  Every morning, I hit the snooze and go back to sleep.  Now this week is spring break.  I’m off work, the boys are home from school.  The only reason I have to rise early is to run.  That hasn’t been reason enough!

Rarely do I need a push out the door to get out and run.  I have felt lucky about that.  Looks like my luck ran out.  This rut was going to take my own pushing to get out.  Not just pushing once, but perhaps repeatedly.

Today’s plan:  After a family outing along East Trabuco Creek, I would run home.  I packed my shoes in the back, went on a little hike and hunt for pollywogs with family and friends.  Then as everyone drove home I taped up my right arch because my heel has been aching.  Then I laced up my shoes for a short run home.  I was SOOOO close to saying, “Just drive me home and I’ll run around the neighborhood.”  But I stopped myself, because I knew that I wouldn’t run around the neighborhood.  I needed to be forced to run.  That’s why I let hubby drive off.  With no ride home and a pair of running shoes upon my feet, I had no choice.  I ran. 

I can’t say how I felt at first.  I didn’t think much.  I can say that I wasn’t enjoying myself.  My shins slightly ached.  I stopped to stretch.  A solemn enjoyment finally hit me at two miles in, just as I crossed the bridge over E. Trabuco Creek, for a run along the bike path (the “River Walk” back toward home.) 

I can tell there’s going to be a little more forcing and trickery going on before I’m totally back in the grove.  Feels a little like I’m starting over (but not really, because when I first began, I couldn’t even run a neighborhood block!)

Miles run:  5

Running through a city park along the train tracks:

Passing the petting zoo (look at those teeth!!):

The bridge over E. Trabuco Creek (many people think this is San Juan Creek, but it’s not.  This creek joins San Juan Creek in less than a 10th of a mile from here):


  1. Yay for running Lauren! You'll get back that mojo soon. I loved seeing some photos of your area I've never seen before. I love "travelling" via blogger :) Enjoy the weekend!

  2. It is fun to travel via blogger. It's the little things that are so interesting, like the planters, the drinking fountains, the curbs, the signs, the plants, etc.