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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Didn’t Need A Pack

Last night a war break out in the house over Minecraft.  Yes, Minecraft.  A video game!  And this is about the only “in” game with no vulgarity or profanity.  Needless to say, get four guys playing this “tame” game at once, three of them brothers, and the night getting late, something is bound to happen.  And it did.  And I was upset, but happily allowed the father (my husband) to hand out punishments on his own.  Still, I pulled my guilt trip move, and told the two in the deepest trouble that I wasn’t going for my early morning run, because I didn’t trust they’d behave while I was away in the morning.  Oddly, that stung.

Still, I set my alarm because I figured the guilt trip worked.  But alas, I was just too worn out to get out for some early morning trails. 

This afternoon, I decided it was a hike, the gym or a run for me.  I could convince no man or boy in the home to accompany me on a hike up to Bedford Peak.  The 3-mile uphill didn’t go in my favor.  Also, being spoiled by the mountains lately, the gym just wasn’t going to satisfy.  In the end, I opted for trails.  I grabbed my pack, which I packed the night prior for a long morning run.  By the time I arrived to Arroyo Trabuco Trail in the foothills of the Saddleback Mountains, I wasn’t much in the mood for a run at all.  

I set off in warm wind.  My foot felt very decent.  Still, I decided I could probably only muster a three mile run.  Definitely didn’t need a pack for this.  Ends up, I felt better after a mile and a half.  I ventured on a little further, then turned back on the empty trails for a total round trip run of 5.14 miles. 

Definitely looking forward to a new year.

Happy Holidays to all!  And may you have no Minecraft wars in your peaceful home.

Today’s Run:

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