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Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Garmin, New Shoes, New Socks, and a New Hair Cut on New San Juan Trail

I got a late start this morning, but managed to get out the door before 8 AM, and drive up the mountain.  I ran along (new) San Juan Trail for a San Juan / Old San Juan Trail loop with,

My new Garmin:

In my new shoes and socks:

Sporting a new haircut:

I  chose this loop which begins on the so-called “new” San Juan Trail and connects up with Old San Juan Trail just beneath Sugarloaf Peak because it’s basically the course of next week’s 12k that I’m running.  I haven’t run a race of this short distance in a LONG time.  The runners will definitely take off faster than I can even run at my fastest, and I’ll get left in the dust right away.  In fact, I got a pretty dang good chance of bringing home the DFL.  My only advantage for this race is the fact that portions of the trail are extremely technical.  I’ve got quite a bit of practice at that.  Others may not.  Either way, it’s okay.  I need to get back into the game.  I got out there today and was able to take this technical course, without falling AND without excruciating pain (though it was a bit painful coming in).  I’m looking forward to some hard work come race day.  But it will be relatively short, therefore, not much time for that negative self-talk that I pledge to work on conquering in the upcoming year. 

A bit of the scenery (because I won’t be taking pictures on race day.  I will be, after all, attempting to finish before the race director and gang has packed up and left Winking smile)

Total miles run today:  8.34 (about a mile more than the course I will run next week).


  1. Hi Lauren,
    Happy new year! Glad to see you're still running and blogging. Want to sell your old Garmin back to me?

  2. Hi Tom! Yes, I am still running, slowly but surely -- injury has plagued me for a while. Are you running? You can have my old garmin. It's not the one you sold to me. After that one died, and I dissected it to see how it works. Then I bought a new one. That then one died, and hubby repaired it and it has done me good. But now, I only get about 4 hours worth of battery. I would not feel right selling it to you with the low battery life and the homemade repairs. But you can have it if you want. Just let me know. Maybe we can go for a run.