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Monday, December 9, 2013

Joy and Pain, Sometimes a Necessary Combo

Got 10.79 trail miles in today (with 2,177 feet of elevation gain).  Objective met.   I felt the joy of the trails, during which I snuck up on 2 buck.  One of them stared me down until I got so spooked that I went on my way without looking back (Not really, I did look back to catch one more picture – but the good news is that I did not turn into a pillar of salt).

The misery of Mentally Sensitive was absolutely delightful.  And upon reaching the top, I bushwhacked my way to a secret club house dug out in the brush.  The place is fairly new, and I’ve never had the opportunity to meet the creators of this secret meeting place.  I took a seat on the skateboard nailed into the roots beneath a tree and made a little monument out of sticks and an empty bottle of saki I found strewn to the side. 

I experienced great aggravation over the fact that I could not take the pain to increase my speed to my normal slow speed.  I tried not to think about such things, and it was during those thoughtless times that I experienced the most joy. 

The last mile and a half in, I needed to switch off running and walking.  By the time I reached my car, I really, really wanted to cry.  But I did not.  Instead, I went home and iced, then stretched, then applied heat, not to be complete without a scolding from my husband who argued  I should give up some things and get to the doctor ASAP.  He almost convinced me. 

I will say that I did take some precautions on this morning’s run by stopping often to take in the beauty.   And this camera happy person took that time to complete a photo diary of my run.

Leaf Litter at the Ranger Station:

Broken up ice on Aliso Creek Trail:

Taking off down Aliso Creek Trail on this Brrrrrr, cold morning:

True Love Winking smile:

Looking back on Buck #2:

Climbing Mentally Sensitive:

Swing Break in Moulton Park:

Top of the World:


  1. I know what you are feeling and why you are sucking up the pain. But please take it easy... :) I smiled at the True Love pic :)