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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Break in the Rain

The rain arrived.  It arrived early this morning about 3AM.  I loved the sound of the rain hitting our roof as we nestled in our beds, warm and cozy.  Unlike newer homes, our home (built in 1947) is not sound proof.  We don’t need to look outdoors to see if it’s raining.  We can hear it falling.  I rather like listening to it. 

So, word is, that we’ll continue with a series of storms until Sunday night.  Thunder storms.  If the next few days are anything like today’s “storm,” I’ll have plenty of time to get in my miles. 

Rain fell fairly lightly today.  And then, it broke about noon.  That’s when I quickly changed my plans to fitting in a quick run.  I laced up my trusty New Balance “trail” shoes and headed out the door for a road run.  I noticed quite a few runners and cyclists had the same idea – get out there when you can.  Winking smile

The skies were blue and beautiful, the air was crisp.  I didn’t even feel cold.  My slow pace was faster than my trail pace.  And I do believe my overall pace is gradually increasing (yay!  Almost time for speed training).

No rain has fallen since the break at noon.  With the onslaught expected over the next few days, it will be challenging to get in my remaining 20+ miles. 

Miles run:  5.33 (8.58 km)


  1. Depending on where I am in my house I can either hear rain, or even see it falling *into* my house.. Yes.. we have a leak! :(

    Seeing your blog always makes me want to get outside and run.