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Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to Run Faster

After dropping my boys off at school, I drove to Los Flores for a run along Arroyo Trabuco to O’Neill Park (actually, Arroyo Trabuco is part of O’Neill Park, but it’s outside the park’s gates).  ANYWAY, the weather was summer, not winter.  I think we got into the mid-seventies (F).  No need for extra layers, that’s for sure. 

My run was uneventful, quiet and hot.  Then, all of a sudden, where the trail narrows and the brush grows thick, just about a mile away from O’Neill Park, I ran up on a bulldozer!  Yes, a bulldozer was blocking the road as the driver dug out a creek crossing. 

Time for a detour.  I bush whacked through the newly green grass, reminding myself that a tic check was in order later today.  My detour loop was wide, and took longer than expected.  On the back portion of this run, I made the detour again, this time with two mountain bikers, who chose a slightly different, bushier route.  We all came out back on the trail together, even though my loop was probably double the size,  with a creek crossing – I didn’t have a bike to carry. 

As it was, this detour, added time I didn’t have to my run (I think the heat did too).  I fell so much behind in my schedule, that I needed to pick up my pace a great deal from my normal 14 mile runs, in order to make it to my youngest son’s school to pick him up in time.  I cut it really close.  When I made it to school, I was so beat, I sat on the curb to rest while waiting for him to come out.  This was a first.  I never sit on the curb. Winking smile

Miles run:  13.78


  1. This makes me so crazy jealous. It's 25* and a wintry mix outside right now. can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can hit the trails again!

    1. I hope that it is finally warming up for you. Some parts of our country has had a tough, tough winter. :(