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Friday, February 7, 2014

In Between Rains

Rain came down yesterday, and all through the night.  We’re in a drought here in California.  Though drought is our natural state, this one is worse than normal.  I’m hoping that we get enough rain to fill the dry creek beds in my mountains.  Lots of people are hoping for enough rain to fill back up our reservoirs.  (How selfish am I?  Though in my defense, I seldom complain about rain anymore because I realize how much we need it).

I have a 40 mile goal for this week.  If I didn’t get out today, I was going to have a difficult time making goal being that I’m only running one day this weekend.  So, I forced myself out the door beneath gloomy skies.  I wore pants (yes pants!) while running down Highway 1 on this cold morning.  After crossing over the pedestrian bridge to the beaches, I was ready to unlayer (though, I did not for a couple more miles.)  

A replenished estuary – this is where the Pacific Ocean meets San Juan Creek (San Juan Creek meets Trabuco Creek, which I write about often, about 3 miles inland):

Within two miles of this morning’s run, the dark clouds parted.  The birds came out in abundance.  Runners came out in abundance as well.  I dodged the puddles, stopped for a few pictures.  I saw our local Olympic qualifier, an amazing runner I used to see every day I ran in my beginning running days – back when I only ran roads.   He’s still out there, running super strong.  I know he was a qualifier because back then I stalked researched him on the internet after memorizing his bib number from a local race that I ran.  Muhahahaha. 

Anyway, back to the subject -- a wonderful road run this morning!  Felt good to get my feet running quicker than usual, still slow, but much quicker than my normal slow.  There was a time when the trails were closed, I didn’t run.  I didn’t think the streets could give me the enjoyment that trails did.  But I did enjoy today’s run.  I really did.