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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Outwardly Vision

I’m working more hours at the moment, which means some minor lifestyle changes to fit in runs this week.  Otherwise, I will never get to 20 technical miles by the end of January.  And as it's going right now, those chances are looking a little slim.  I’m not exactly up shit-creek.  But I will be if I don’t continue to plug along.  Those lifestyle changes include getting enough rest so that after I drop the boys off to school, I need to run before heading off to work. 

Monday morning was my first go at this.  After dropping the last boy off at school, I drove down to the marina and ran about 4.25 miles.  I felt like a toad, but amazingly, my speed was up a tad (which I need to thank the dreadmill for -- Thank you dreadmill!).  It’s not a pretty sight, these short runs on pavement, in fact, it’s rather excruciating for me with all the people mingling about, no dirt trails and lots of glass to catch a reflection of myself.  Miles go by much slower on pavement than they do on dirt (even though I take trails much slower due to the extensive climbs).  I was not a happy camper -- thus, I did what I could not to zone-in, but instead to zone in on the outwardly.  And the outwardly from my viewpoint down at the harbor was a pleasant sight.

I think this yacht probably has more square feet than my house. Winking smile



Tuesday, I didn’t have enough time between drop offs and getting to work.  And I arrived home from work around 9:15 PM, and I don’t run roads under darkness.  So, no run for me.  But today, Wednesday, I headed back down to the harbor again before work.  This time, instead of running in and about the marina, I headed south and took in the beaches.  The first several minutes, probably ten or so, were only slightly less than miserable.  But I kept my outwardly vision, and enjoyed much of my four miles this morning.

The Jetty:IMG_0689IMG_0687IMG_0692

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