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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Too Much Data

Have you ever been talking on the cell phone, while at the same time looking for your cell phone?  I have. 

My sister told me that she once used the landline to call her cell because she couldn’t find it.  Then she ran and answered the cell, “Hello?  Hello?”

I was once telling my friend how I left my keys in the car ignition when I went grocery shopping.  The entire produce section was looking for my keys, because I WAS SURE that I had them in my hands while looking at apples.  My friend told me – that’s nothing!  Then he confessed that when he went golfing he had to go back to his car because he thought he left his keys in them.  Not only did he find his keys in the ignition.  But he car was still running!!!

Are we getting old?  Everyone gets old (and really we’re not THAT old).  Even if we were, I don’t think that’s the culprit here.  I think there’s just too much to think about.  Too much data. 

At least for my brain.

No, this blog is not going where you think it is.  I’m not going to talk about all the high tech shoes and running equipment, and how we have to keep track of our pace, elevation, etc. . .   I’m simply going to say that I took a nice thirteen mile run this morning.  My last run before the storm that’s supposed to come in tomorrow. 

Anyway, I dumped lots and lots of data running trails today.  It was beautiful. 

As I ran down “No-Name,” I felt extremely thirsty.  Lately, I’ve been running with handhelds, and with nothing in my hands this morning, I kind of felt to myself (I didn’t really think words, because I was in NO THINKING MODE this morning), “I can’t wait to get to the ranger station.”  (There’s a drinking fountain there.)  This is how it is in NO THINKING MODE.  I mean, didn’t it dawn on me that it was pretty odd that I didn’t carry water on a ten plus mile run?  Then some voice penetrated through the wall and said, “Ah . . . Lauren, you have 64 fluid ounces on your back.”  I laughed and laughed as I drank up.

And then I ran in the moment for the next thirteen miles.

And now for the pictures of a tranquil trail run in El Moro:

The route:My Activities El Moro 11-19-2011 copy

Running down No-Name Trail toward the Pacific Ocean:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Crossing bridge to run up El Moro Canyon:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA




Old Emerald Falls Trail:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


About to ascend Old Emerald Trail:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

A nice hearty climb on Old Emerald:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Approaching top of Old Emerald:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Running back to reality on Bommer Ridge:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


Miles run:  13.61 (21.90 km)My Activities El Moro 11-19-2011, Elevation - Distance


  1. Nice Miles!!

    I often do weird "I am getting old" behaviors. I have looked for my sunglass when they are on my head, for my keys when I am holding them in my hand, and once I put my bike helmet on my head to go biking, after getting ready I realized I needed to do something before I left, after completing the task about half an hour later I went to go ride my bike. I looked and looked for my helmet and finally asked my sister if she had seen it. She was like.. yeah, uh it is on your head.

    Sometimes I wonder...

  2. Looks like another beautiful run!
    I've left they keys in my car countless times.
    Several times, the car has still been on!

  3. i have also "misplaced" my helmet on my head!!! haha. glad i have a confidant in kate. i'm also paranoid about did i remember to lock the door and sometimes drive back home to check. (i don't live in the ghetto, i'm just paranoid)

    gorgeous trail photos. i hiked saturday and thought of you... i was going so slow, and can't imagine how you RUN a good pace on trails!

  4. You ran *up* Elevator? Maybe there is something wrong with your brain.....

  5. Glenn LOL!!!You're just now figuring this out?

  6. I check my front door 3 or 4 times before I leave Lindsay : )

    I'm glad you had a good hike. It took me a long time with trails. They used to KILL ME.

  7. That is hilarious Kate! Thanks for reading.