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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I’m learning to cope with this early out schedule finally.  HOWEVER, yesterday, while it was “early-out” for our elementary school sons, it was “late-in” day for our middle son.

Boy-oh-boy!  I made the best of it and played gym rat.  And may I please just once more request, PLEASE stop dropping the weights.  Okay, where was I?  Oh yes, coping.  That’s right – coping.  In other words, I went for a trail run.

This morning, so happy to get back on the trails, I decided to skip Psycho-Path (Mentally Sensitive).  Notice that I’ve taken “Psycho-Path” out of the parentheses.  I opted to run up Meadows Trail instead – yes, the very same one that I thought I would never have the strength to run.  And I have to say, after “Psycho-Path”, Meadows is easy!  (Well, not exactly easy.) 

I decided on Meadows to give myself more time because I had it in my heart to visit Dripping Cave.

Ready to take off down Aliso Creek Trail from Ranger Station (still a bit chilly):SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Now, this is why they call it Meadows Trail.  Just wait til spring!SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

After a quick pit stop at Top of the World, I raced down West Ridge, making pretty good time.  Then I decided to run down Mathis instead of Car Wreck so that I could work on my downhill speed even more.  Car Wreck is not the trail to work on speed, it’s more the trail to work on technical foot work. At the bottom of Mathis I turned off onto Dripping Cave.  And having made such good time, I knew that I had plenty of time to goof around at the cave and still make it in time to pick up the boys for “early-out” day.

Running Dripping Cave trail.  Notice Poison Oak on right adding to a lovely fall color.  Winking smile


Gnarly roots along Dripping Cave Trail:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

First thing I did when I reached Dripping Cave was take off the headphones.  Being a secluded area, I wanted to hear anyone or anything approaching.  The next thing I did was inspect the cave for snakes.  Then I simply investigated the cave walls, walked about from end to end, peered off behind the cave, and took some silly photos.

Touching cave ceiling:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

This looks like a nice spot to enjoy the scenery:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Leaving Dripping Cave:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I felt good running back to the truck.  Few runners ran into the park, lots of mountain bikers made there way in and out.  Along Aliso Creek Trail, I ran by 3 or 4 squished white and gray mice.  Not snake food anymore.  But I’m sure some coyote might enjoy the tasty (yikes!) snack soon.

Autumn in the coastal hills of Southern California:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Miles logged this morning:  9.42 (15.16 km)

My Activities Up Meadows 11-16-2011, Elevation - Distance

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