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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oops, Here I Go Again

My Activities PSYCHO path loop 11-17-2011, Elevation - DistanceSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve got a little IT Band Syndrome going on in my left leg – nothing some, pretty much constant, rolling won’t fix.  I rolled when everyone was sleeping this morning.  Then I threw the roller in the truck and drove the boys to school.

I rolled on the asphalt of the church parking lot that I parked in to run at Aliso/Wood Canyons.  When I took off on this misty morning, my left knee still ached just a bit.  But I really didn’t care.   I just wanted to run trails. 

Deciding on Psycho-Path (Mentally Sensitive Smile) I knew that I had to do the loop quicker than I ran it Monday if I didn’t want to be late picking up the boys.  Thing was, my run started off slowly with various issues:  pit stops, head phone tanglings, shoe laces untying, photos that I had to capture, etc. 

Off into the mist on Aliso Creek Trail:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

As I ran Meadows Trail, I could see something moving in the fields that Psycho-Path (Mentally Sensitive) travels through.  It was white with black stripes.  And for some odd reason, I just couldn’t let it go.  What was it???  There are no wild animals (specifically cats, because that all I really care about) with zebra-like stripes in our parts.  As the trail swooped around, I looked closer, deciding that they weren’t stripes at all, but instead the thing was a big tin wash pan.  But why was it moving in the wind so lackadaisically?  A wash pan would make some kind of clanging noise.  Taking up more time on this run that I needed to finish quicker, I stopped and stared for a while.  Yup, zebra stripes.  Then of all things, I took a step into the meadow and ACTUALLY BEGAN THE TREK ACROSS THE MEADOW to find out what this thing was. 

STOP.  I told myself.  This is how you get into trouble!  Do not run across the wet meadow and get your shoes wet.  And what if it is an animal?  What then smart gal?  After some time, with one foot in the meadow and one on the trail, I finally came to the conclusion that I was looking at a partially deflated zebra-striped mylar balloon blowing in the wind. 

Who knows.  It was enough to get me running again. 

Funny thing.  I felt anxiety weighing down on me as I approached Psycho-Path’s climb.  This climbing anxiety hasn’t happened in a long time with my running.  As I approached I thought, “pace yourself and just take it easy,” and that settled me down.  I ran up the whole thing. 

Yup, psycho.

Running up the steepest trail in Aliso/Wood Canyons:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Though I ran it, I did stop once or twice to snap a quick picture – like of this lovely multi-colored moss:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

And this majestic scene:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s looking back (the trail runs along that ridgeline down the center of this photo)  LOL.  The toughest part hasn’t even begun:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

If you run trails, perhaps you can relate.  To reach the top of a steep climb is exhilarating.  And to keep on running with no recovery time needed is ecstatic.  (Just in case you’re wondering why I put myself through this – the glory . . . the defeat over the body and mind!).  

Running along the ridge toward Top of the World, reminds me of lonely Texas country road running:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Some fancy footwork down Car Wreck Trail:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Meet my new friend:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


I goofed around a bit too much at the car wreck above that I had to kick it into high gear to finish off this run.  Before I finish off this blog, I should tell you that a while back I asked the ranger about the wreck.  She told me that the previous owners of this property (the owners who donated it to the county – can you believe how nice that is!) were goofing around on the roads.  The crash happened then (the car is a Volvo).  And as far as the ranger knew, there were no fatalities.  Probably only minor injuries.  That was many years ago.

High-gear through Oak Grove Trail:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Miles logged this morning:  9.9 (15.93 km)


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I love fall in California. I love your new friend. I wondered how that car got there seemingly out of no where.

  2. Super run Lauren and beautiful photos! I like your new friend! I agree about that feeling of reaching the top of a tough climb. You have to experience it to understand it. Have a great weekend!

  3. Wished I had those awesome trials in my backyard! Except for the "Mountain Lion" part.
    IT band - battled with that a couple of times.
    I see how car wreck section got it's name!

  4. Hmm. Black with white stripes. About the size of a cat. You better be careful Lauren! Sounds like a polecat to me!

  5. I love fall in California too Kate. The weather is perfect!

  6. And I keep going back to that same climb Johann! Thanks for reading.

  7. Thanks for reading Thomas. I am super lucky to have these trails. I've gone through the IT band thing so many times now, I can get rid of the problem in a couple days with constant foam rolling. I love that thing (the foam roller that is).

  8. Good guess Glenn. But it had way too many stripes. I've also seen too many polecats snooping around our backyard to know that it wasn't one. But can you imagine if it was, and I got closer to investigate???? Yikes!