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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That’s Not Runnin’, That’s Playin’

I had this week’s workouts all planned, two “short” runs, two gym days.  Then I would rest on Friday before the big day: SATURDAY. (Yikes!).

Monday, I got the boys off to school then returned home and got back in bed.  I slept until 12:30 PM.  TWELVE.  THIRTY.  I guess I was tired.  No run on Monday.  No gym on Monday.

Okay, so change of plans: two “short” runs and one gym day.

Tuesday morning, I got a 7:10 AM call to substitute teach.  Not being in the position to turn down work, I took the job and afterward drove to my regular job for a very long work day.  No run on Tuesday.  No gym on Tuesday.

My carefully laid-out plans for this week’s workouts were shot in just two days.  This morning I had to admit something to myself.  Training for Saddleback is OVER.  There’s nothing I can really gain (except for some rest) that will prepare me any more for Saturday.

And so today I laced up my shoes, strapped on my pack and hit the trails for some fun running.  Actually, it was more like playing.  But isn’t all running really playing?  I know I get a little serious about it at times, as if it’s my lifeline, but really I just want to have fun.  That’s why I love trail running so much – because it’s fun!

I’m kind of glad my plans were shot.  Otherwise, I may have not got in such a fun run.

Heading up Wood Creek Trail, it’s still a bit chilly:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

By the number of spider webs I broke through, I could tell I was the first runner on Wood Creek Today:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Dozens of these enormous webs hung high throughout the wooded trails:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

The sun warms up this single track (Coyote Run) as hundreds if not thousands (seriously) of crows gawk and fly about from tree to tree:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

View of Wood Canyon and Coyote Run below from the Nature Loop Trail that brought me high above the creek and to this awesome view of new green growth:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Some delightful feathery blooms:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Photo Op on Cave Rock Trail against THE rock:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Running down Cave Rock Trail:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Entering Meadows Trail with no anxiety over the approaching climb:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Approaching top of Meadows Trail and look what’s in the distance – hint:  Saddleback Marathon:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Top of Meadows showing off Pacific Ocean (Laguna Beach) with an awkward pose Smile:


I just love these goats:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Top of the World and feeling great!:SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Heading back to truck along West Ridge (notice background – Saturday!!):SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

10.25 Miles run today (approx. 16.5 km):My Activities cyn vistas clockwise loop 11-2-2011, Elevation - Time


  1. Next time you run through there, tell the spiders to go up to Saddleback, because there is a huge food source for them up there.

  2. You are as ready as anyone can be for Saddleback. I think the missed runs will be good for you this weekend. A fun run...your runs are certainly always fun! Beautiful photos once again, thanks!

  3. Those goats crack me up.

    You're as ready as you're gonna get - enjoy your "taper" and have a great race. Can't wait to hear about it!

  4. Odd, Jeremy, I don't recall any webs up Saddleback this past weekend. There's hundreds upon hundreds at Aliso.

    I'm getting so scared right now over Saddleback -- just studied last year's garmin statistics and I'm losing confidence : (

  5. Johann, I wish I had as much confidence as you do in me. I'm growing more afraid by the minute.

  6. Thanks Giraffy. Those goats are so precious to me. Their my little silent friends. : ))

  7. Lauren you will be fine. Just enjoy the run as you always do. The training you have done will give you the time. I will have a tough time keeping up with you, especially the second half of the race..

  8. We shall see Jeremy. I'm getting little aches and pains today. My knee and back, I guess I'm freaking a little. LOL. And I just got another call to sub (my 3rd job this week). I turned downed today's, I need my pre-race zone-out time. : )

    And Giraffy, I meant "they're" my little silent friends. Constantly grading high school English papers, and circling the wrong uses of there, their and they're, I can't believe I did it myself. LOL. Pre-race jitters.

  9. Ah yes, pre race aches, pains, jitters, and doubts: Glorious! Doubt is my favorite pre race emotion; it makes you feel so good about yourself when you finish and say 'IN YOUR FACE' after.

  10. Ohh sleeping til 1230. I'm jealous! I haven't slept well in YEARS. (and I refuse to take sleeping pills). The spider webs - not jealous! Lol. Gorgeous trails as always.

  11. Beautiful Photos!! You will be so great Saturday!!

  12. With the rain this past weekend - everything should be turning green soon!

  13. The doubts are the worst Scott! I hate the doubts.

  14. I kind of like the spider webs Lindsay, because they tell me that I'm the first on the trail that morning. As for sleeping, I used to take a supplement (not a sleeping pill), and my oldest son currently takes, called melatonin. It's a natural substance that our bodies are supposed to produce to help us sleep. Some people don't produce enough naturally. If you aren't against something like that, look into it (I refuse sleeping pills too -- they are horrible, and I've only ever tried over-the-counter).

  15. Thanks Kate! And thanks for your confidence.

  16. Love it when the green returns Glenn. It's already all over Aliso/Woods!