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Thursday, December 27, 2012

For the Sake of Mileage

I was right on schedule to run out the door on this cold morning, when I realized that my garmin’s charge was low.  Now, with the new year approaching, I needed to run purely for mileage to get closer to my yearly goal.  The garmin was a little important.   Not terribly.  I just really like not having to measure my run on-line back at home. 

After charging the garmin for about 30 minutes, I couldn’t stand waiting any longer and ran out the door, straight down to the beach.  The weather was bitter cold (for me).  No, there was no snow on the ground, and the temperature was probably above freezing (being that I live at the ocean), but relatively, IT WAS COLD.  I wore sleeves beneath my long sleeves.  I wore a beanie and gloves. 

I crossed the pedestrian bridge for an out-and-back along the Pacific Ocean.  I ran through the campground on both the out and the back.  Campers and cars from much colder states (like Montana and Utah) were parked, and the sites smelled of sizzling bacon.  The only people walking about in the campground were wearing pajamas. 

Crossing the city bridge after a brief warm session running up the stairwells:

Running along Capo/Doheny:

On the back of my first out-and-back I turned off to run underneath the highway.  From there I ran a lonely bike path for another out-and-back that brought me through the Los Rios District.  I got to see several trains pass by.   That still thrills me.  By this time, people were roaming about in The District.  Others were waiting about to catch a train.  I was still cold, kept my beanie on and ran with my cap flapping from my running belt.  Though still cold, my heart warmed when I ran into Los Rios, the oldest neighborhood in California.  I love that place. 

Where San Juan Creek meets the Pacific Ocean and I turn off onto The Bike Path:

The Bike Path (Saddleback Mountains in the background):

Crossing over Trabuco Creek heading for Los Rios District:

Los Rios District:

Finally, I hit trail (East Trabuco Creek) and my feet very gladly got muddy.  I ran up alongside the creek and shared the trail with only one other person – a woman on a horse.  The creek was full and at my crossing I decided to head back.  There was no way for me to cross without getting wet.  And I didn’t want to slip and fall, being alone.  I didn’t miss the opportunity to stop and take some pictures before heading back to my home.  I love how the water roars over the rocks. 

At mile twelve, my garmin stopped.  I noted the location and when I arrived home, I measured the remaining distance on-line, finishing up with a 15 mile run this morning.

Gettin' the feet muddy:

Running above Trabuco Creek:

Trabuco Creek:

A little over twenty-six miles to make my 2012 goal!


  1. 26 miles, that's like child's play for you! ;)

  2. Thanks Giraffy. Not so much child's play, but I can do it. I get what you mean though, the thing about me . . . I'm slow, but I can keep on going and going and going . . .