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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Running on Toward my Year-End Goal

Closing up this year, sadness lingers in my heart still over children murdered while Christmas presents with their names laid beneath the tree.  I am so fortunate to come home and hug my boys.  I am so fortunate to get out on the trails and run past deer, and through fallen leaves on the ground. 

I got caught up for a moment in the things that are right or wrong that caused, or could have prevented the tragedy in Connecticut.  Then I felt guilty for expressing my opinions among heated debaters.  It seemed like arguing about this now was disrespectful to the dead, in a way lessening the families’ pain.  And so, I run.  I won’t argue, and I don’t hate or dislike those with completely opposite opinions as mine.  We are all, after all, wishing this didn’t happen. 

And I run.

And I run, toward my goal of breaking 2,012 miles by the end of the year 2012. 

I will make this quick because I am so tired from working, preparing for Christmas and rushing to get my miles in. (Sure! When have I ever been quick? : )

First, I watched our baby sing in the second grade Christmas program at school this morning.  It was 38 F, and I wore shorts to the program.  I did bring a shawl to wrap around my shoulders while my teeth chattered.  Then I rushed away to mail a package off to Missouri.  I hit the trails late, about 9:30.  Yet, it was still cold, so very, very cold (around 42 F). 

I got in a tough 10 mile run beneath clear skies.  And I still had time afterward to get gas, do some laundry, welcome two of my babies home from school and get ready for work. 

These are the days . . .

A winter-wear trail run (and it’s not yet officially winter):

Climbing Mentally Sensitive Trail (& the layers come off):

Top of Meadows (after running along the ridge from Mentally Sensitive):

Greetings (Again!) from Top of the World.  From here, it’s all downhill (mostly):

Relishing leaf litter as I finish up this run:

Running Mentally Sensitive - Cholla Loop 12-19-2012, Elevation - Distance


  1. I would LOVE to join you on some weekend runs after I'm done with my winter races - February?? The hills are so green already, I bet spring is glorious out there this year.

    1. Name the day Giraffy. Would love to run with you. Spring is a great time of year, late spring is when I see the rattlers, so I'd recommend early spring if snakes give you the creepies.

  2. I know I say this every time, but the landscapes are so amazing and I never really get to see them being a "roadie". I'd love to do some off road running and in fact my coach would like me to do so as well but I'm always so pressed for time that the trails I hit are the levee's and bit trails around and through Bolsa Chica.

    1. You will get some great glute workout running trails Patrick. The only problem I have, is that run such difficult terrain that I've trained myself to run slowly. I'm now adding in road runs in hopes to pick up my speed.

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it grand to be so close to the Pacific Glenn? Love it.