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Sunday, December 23, 2012

It’s Easier in Reverse, Really . . .

Still plugging away miles to make my goal of breaking 2,012 miles of running for the year.  This morning I planned another run to Yaeger Mesa, that extremely difficult run that I made last month, the one that I once again got in way over my head.

My bright idea this morning was to run the Yaeger Mesa route in reverse.  I thought it had to be easier than the counter-clockwise route I took with the guys last month.  Funny thing, it was easier.  But for about a mile there, it became so hellishly difficult in steep, rocky, and muddy climbing, I thought that I might vomit.  Seriously!  During that section, my garmin didn’t even read a pace.  Yaeger Mesa Trail is the most difficult trail I’ve ever climbed.  And I’ve climbed some doozies.  STILL,  a clockwise loop to the mesa was much, much easier, practically an hour easier than counter-clockwise.  (However, I hope I don’t become one of those people that no one wants to run with – not because I’m slow, but because I put them through hell before getting to the prize).

Setting off with Mark Rohren. and Jeremy Howes through Trabuco Canyon on a cold, wet morning:

After Mark turned back for an out-and-back, Jeremy and I began the climb up to the mesa:

One of the very few flats on our way up:

Rain fell down upon us a bit.  I grabbed at branches to help me along.  I stopped to catch my breath more than once.  And then FINALLY, the mesa . . .

After the mesa, we still had some more steep climbing.  It seemed endless.  Then with the clouds so thick, I mistakenly told my friend that we had peaked that it was “all rolling down hills from here on out.”  WRONG.  We had not peaked, and I felt like a dufus.  I hate thinking I’m at the top when I’m not, and then to give that false hope to a running friend.  Doh!

Blue Skies peek through as we run up and down (mainly down) Bell Ridge:Running Yaeger Loop clockwise 12-23-2012

+4,625 / -4,691Running Yaeger Loop clockwise 12-23-2012, Elevation - Distance

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