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Friday, December 28, 2012

Last Minute Run

The boys are still home (I’m still home), all on Christmas break.  During the holidays, I’ve had a variety of rich foods, wines and desserts; it’s all making me lag (In the U.S. as I’m sure elsewhere in the world, we are BIG on food and drink for holidays and celebrations).  I’ll be very happy to get in the groove again, bland foods, lots of vegetables and protein drinks.  I'm not complaining too much.  Celebration is good.  Indigestion is not.  Nor is lethargy, which is what happens with all the celebration food and drink with me.  Not only that, I have a yearly mileage to make.  And not only that, I have this cold that lingers on, and my wrist still hurts from my fall on Joplin.

Today, I slept off and on all day trying to get rid of this cold.  Then I woke and found myself in the midst of a pity-party (anyone noticing a pattern?)  On a whim, I ran out the door this evening and went for a little less than a 6 mile run.  And I was soooo glad that I did. 

The weather was cool, the sunset majestic.  And now, I only have a little over twenty miles remaining to make my yearly goal.

Cheers to running and for all that it does for my heart and soul!

Running the streets for a green belt access down to the marina:

Running through park about to descend down into marina:

Isn’t this a cute boat?

Running along the channel:

Sunset at the marina:

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