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Friday, October 11, 2013

Autumn’s Official–Crawdads, Dragonflies & Sparrows

I’ve been icing and taping, rolling and icing my right foot.  Prognosis did not look good last week.  In fact, it appeared pretty grim.  My limp was becoming chronic, and I could not get out of bed in the morning without dragging my aching foot around the house. 

After hitting day 40 of my fitness streak, I took 2 days off and tended to personal business.  I did continue in-home physical therapy and began the first couple days of my new fitness streak at the gym.  Day 3, this morning I woke fully able to walk around the house. 

Time for a run?  I hoped so, because I was gonna run. 

And what a glorious run!  Yup, I was SLOW.  And yup, my foot hurt, but just a tiny bit. 

One of the best parts of today’s nearly 11 miles was climbing Mentally Sensitive.  I didn’t die!  Then I found a secret clubhouse built buried in my regular bushwhacking route off that trail.  It was recently built (dugout), complete with a wooden skateboard to sit upon, nailed to roots growing on top of the dirt. 

Nearing the top of Mentally Sensitive:

Another great part of today’s run was sighting my first crawdad.  No doubt, that’s a crawdad in the picture below – autumn is here!

Then on my final stretch in, I ran amongst dozens and dozens of dragonflies dodging and shooting across my path.  Above them dozens or more of those tiny, delightful sparrows so popular in our parts.  They dashed about the skies just above the dragonflies, quick as hummingbirds.  I looked about in awe, with an urge to yell out to everyone in the park, “Look!  Look at this!!!”  I felt so lucky to be a part of it.

Running Up Mentally Sensitive Down Mathis 10-11-2013, Elevation

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