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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tired of Giving it a Rest

About the only cardio my foot can handle is the gym bike.  Tuesday I rode 30 miles.  I just couldn’t stand to sit any longer.  Slowly, very slowly, the pain is lessening in my right foot.  Pain hits worst in the morning.  And also after sitting.  You can imagine how I limped away from the gym bike after 30 miles. 

Yesterday, pain was at its lowest point in a long time.  Ice, heating, anti-inflammatory medicine and rolling did some good after all.  And dang it!  I was tired of giving my foot a rest.  I mean REALLY.  Just how long can I stay away from the trails?

I did make some concessions today – firstly, I chose a “flat” trails.  I drove to Las Flores, parked at a tennis park and ran down to Tijeras Creek.  From there I made my way to Arroyo Trabuco Trail.  This is the “flat trail.”   In 10.04 miles that I ran, I climbed more than 2,000 feet.  So much for flat!  No really, it was fairly flat.  What made the largish gain was the constant low grade climb for 5 miles.  Thus, my second concession.  When I reached 5 miles, pain was minimal and I wanted to run further.  But I forced myself to turnaround, just in case. I even hesitated, turned around again and moved further onward just to realize I was behaving like a child.  I NEEDED to turn around and head back.  

I should also note that the reason I returned to Arroyo Trabuco (beside it’s “flatness”) is that I’m still attempting to “punch through” to Trabuco Canyon so I can finish mapping out my “Tides to Towers” run.  (Tides to Towers – a run from my house, the beach “tides,” up to Santiago Peak, aka. Talking Towers). 

Tijeras Creek Trail Head (one of the many Tijeras Creek trailheads):

Tijeras Creek Trail:

I fell into the creek on my first crossing!

Arroyo Trabuco Trail:

Turnaround time:

Pain was very bearable when I arrived back at the truck.  Then I sat behind the wheel for about twenty minutes.  When I arrived home, I limped to the door.  Only now, at this late hour, does my foot feel some relief.  I’ve iced.  I’ve rolled.  And right now, it is nicely wrapped.   Definitely hoping that I continue to heal, and that my impromptu run today didn’t worsen my plantar fasciitis. 

Happy Trails!!!


  1. Glad you got a run in Lauren but I really hope your foot gets better soon. I can feel your frustration. Have a great weekend!

    1. I'm working hard on healing the foot. Hope you have a great weekend too Johann!

  2. ugh! sorry to read about the PF. glad you were able to hit the trails though. keep kicking!!

    1. Thanks Generation X. Much appreciated!!!