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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crazy Crawdads

This morning the skies were gray, the air wet, the breeze cool.  I climbed the steepest trail (Mentally Sensitive) and it did a great job of clearing my mind.

Happy to overcome Mentally Sensitive:

I found a new trail behind the park at The Top of the World.  Of course, I HAD TO investigate.  It was a short trail, .15 of a mile, with vast views and wooden tables with three bench seats each, placed periodically along the edge. 

Newfound Trail:

When I ran down Mathis Trail on my way back into Wood Canyon, I stopped by the creek for a look at my crawdad friends.  Surprisingly, I didn’t see any in the pool.  Simply standing there, I focused on my surroundings, for no particular reason.  I wasn’t tired.  I wasn’t thinking.  I was just taking in my world when I noticed the crawdads.  They were climbing up the rocks, in the algae and rushing water.  Crazy crawdads!  I have no idea what they were doing.  Lots of guesses, but I haven’t Googled it yet. 

The Stream Crossing at the bottom of Mathis Trail:

Crawdads struggling against the current:

Then I ran into Wood Canyon for a cool relaxing run back to the truck.  I passed a blue heron on the way.  He stood like a statue as I ran by rather closely.  In all I covered 11.12 miles, happily.

Wood Canyon, going home:Running Big Loop 10-24-2013, Elevation


  1. Another great adventure on the trails! I love it when I discover a new trail to explore! Good times! :) The Crawdads are awesome! Thanks for sharing your pics!

    1. Thanks Johann. I love, love, love discovering new trails too! Glad you like the pics. :)