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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Whackier Things

Monday I had my last doctor’s visit for the arm.  It still aches a tad (actually both arms still ache) but I am without a cast or a wrap. Yay! The doctor was pleased with the x-ray.  He showed me how you could hardly see where the break was – it’s just a faint, gray fuzzy line.

Anyway, back to teaching at two schools this week, which means trail time is cut drastically short.  But I was able to get in a gym workout every day.  Friday, I finally made it out to some trails, my usual route to Top of the World.  I ran 6.12 miles over rolling hills, though tiring and enjoyable will do little to help me for this weekend’s footrace out of Calico Ghost Town.  I’m actually pretty crazy to go out and attempt to put in nearly twenty miles over rugged terrain.  The nueroma in my right foot is kinday acting up now.  Grrr. But I’ve got a streak to uphold.  This year is my 9th consecutive Calico Trail race.  It may end up being my 9th consecutive attempted Calico Trail run, because seriously, I can’t even let my mind go there and imagine how I’m going to pull this off.

Oh well, I think I have done whackier things.

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