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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! My 2009 Recap

2009 what a year! I'm not exactly sure why, perhaps because it's the most recent year, but this one seemed to have put a deep impression in my mind. My mind, my mind, my mind . . .

I'm not sure anyone cares; I suppose I'm doing this for myself, a reflective exercise. Perhaps I simply like the sound of my fingers tap, tap, tapping away : )

My 2009:
Miles Run: 1,317.62
(the most miles I've put in over a year in my short running career)
Elliptical Miles: 414.98
Yards Swam: 49,000
(not as long as it may seem, about 28 miles, 1,960 laps in my gym pool)
Miles Cycled (in the gym : ): 331.95

I'll spare you the number of crunches, the number of laundry loads, giggles, jokes attempted or classes taught, the number of fits thrown, tears cried or the number of times I checked and re-checked whether the door was locked.

I can't spare you this: I ran 20 races. I'm proud of that accomplishment. I'm not sure I've been prouder of any other accomplishment, most likely because it's something I would have thought I could never have done. These twenty races -- they make me glad. And I'm not even an athlete (kinda like I'm not even a writer : ). My favorite races of 2009: Calico 30K, Great Silverado Footrace, San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon, Buffalo Alley (see November) and the SBSD Mudrun (see September), and of course BULLDOG.

I raced Bulldog TWICE (A 22K and a 25k) and ran 3 mud runs. There was one marathon, two half marathons, four 10k's, four 5 milers (8k's), and three 5k's and 1 each of the following: 4 mile, 4.8 mile, 15k, 22K, 25K and 30K. Fourteen of the twenty races were run on the trail, the lovely trail.

My least favorite race: Dana Point's 10K Turkey Trot (November) and Heartbreak Ridge half marathon (October). I'll probably run the turkey trot again. Doubtful I'll do Heartbreak again. Heck though -- I may do Heartbreak and chuck the Turkey Trot : )

I crossed the finish line bruised and bloody in two races, and they're listed among my six favorites: Calico 30k and Bulldog 25k. Isn't that funny?

My favorite runs: Maple Springs, Trabuco Canyon, Weir Canyon, Santiago Truck Trail and Running up Meadows (both times, but especially the first), and countless others too many to list.

My least favorite run: Fremont/Blind/Weir Canyon loop (not to mention Heartbreak, but that was a race).

Injuries: sprained wrist (twice in about a month), toe problems, a few IT band injuries and quite a few scraped knees. Thankfully, nothing serious (except for that root canal, which was totally unrelated to anything I'm writing about -- and even that wasn't really serious, I just hated it!)

Wildlife sighted: bobcats (twice), lots of quail, bunnies, lizards, a coyote, rattlesnakes (at least 3), a couple gopher snakes, several deer, beetles, blue herons, gophers, squirrels, sea anemones, star fish, several sea lions, pelicans, seagulls, and countless other birds and butterflies and other insects and spiders.

Tracks noted: cougar (not to mention plenty of bobcat and deer)

Life in General, what comes to mind when I think of 2009 -- this was the year when . . .

I learned Aliso / Wood Canyon Trails inside and out.
My oldest son earned his second degree black belt.
Took on a new teaching assignment involving high school students.
Found a new doctor that I like and trust for my son.
My cousin's son was diagnosed with Leukemia.
Meet wonderful senior citizens teaching at the Assisted Living Home, then had to sadly say good-bye. (State budget cuts)
Attended my first Writer's Conference.
Started my SimplyFictionalTales.blogspot.
Moved my running blog to blogspot.
I met my new baby nephew for the first time.
Stopped paying attention to politics (For the first time ever!).
Endured a deeply troubling economy & witnessed countless teachers, architects, engineers, contractors and more lose their jobs, saw friends lose their savings, put their homes up for sale.
Reconnected with two cousins I have not seen since I was a little girl.
I mourned the death of Jose.
Learned my dog has kidney disease.
Had my first root canal.
Registered with the bone marrow registry.
Welcomed my baby brother home from Iraq and attended his wedding.
Was so lucky to be a part of two so generous families (mine and my in-laws).
Played some piano, played some guitar and on the last days of the year dug the accordion out.
Looked in the mirror and cried and cried, not because of what I saw on the outside, but what I saw on the inside .
Met new great friends -- and enjoyed great old friends (One is Silver and the other is GOLD).

And that was my year, plus SO, SO MUCH MORE. No matter what, I was able to find time to squeeze in a run -- a glorious run.

Happy New Year! Y


  1. Awesome reflection and you don't consider yourself a writer? You see my friend, only true writers can reflect and write down deep thoughts. Only true writers notice the things about life others take for granted and only writers like you and I blog on New Year's Eve...LOL

  2. Thanks Ileana! I think that I lack the confidence to consider myself a writer -- though, secretly, I do consider myself that. Happy New Year!