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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Quick Run to the Top (There she goes again!)

Skies were blue with white wispy clouds today as I headed up Cholla Trail. That trail now seems so, so much easier after Meadows Trail (Cholla is at least half the length of Meadows).

Didn't have much time today to fit in anything long, but I was determined to make it hard. Up and down Westridge was a chore, stopping just a few times to take a snapshot of the erosion from our rainstorm last week. I snapped a few more photos at Top of the World and quickly headed back.

At the bottom of Cholla I met a fine man, who I later took home with me (he was my husband!). Anyway, he was hiking up Cholla and invited me to go on up with him. So I turned around and made for a second run up Cholla. I wasn't ten steps in when I decided, "Hey, I already did this -- I'll wait for you back at the cars. : ) As previously mentioned, I am a planner. And I hadn't planned on heading back up Cholla.

And so I ran through the lush Canyon Vistas Park and stretched a good long while, much longer than I ever do. And then I cleaned all the trash out of my car (a spontaneous move!) -- and there was lots of it (not to mention some bags to put the trash in : ). I waited for hubby to return, then we both drove off together back home.

Miles ran this morning: 5.9 (actually a tad longer, but who's measuring?)

Erosion on Westridge

Looking back at Westridge from Top of the World
Saddleback Mtns to Right
Straight Ahead (very faintly) snow capped San Gabriel Mtns

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